Friday, December 26, 2008

About Maids Pay in Jakarta

(Lee) Dear Miree, I move to Jakarta three weeks ago and am looking for a part time maid to help out mainly with ironing and simple cleaning two to three half days per week. I have a prospect who lives in the same apartment building as me but I have no idea what the going rate is. Can you help? Thank you very much in advance for your kind assistance. Wish you and your family a great Xmas and a Happy New Year.

(Miree) Hi Lee, I would suggest to bargain with the maid, you can ask her if 300,000 or 500,000 its OK?
The full time maid for speaking English 700,000 - 1 million. Its all depend on

their experiences.

And for both types every year you have to give Idul Fitri bonus (THR-Tunjangan Hari Raya) and normally they would ask raise the salary too. Raise 50,000 - 100,000 /month.

You can always start with smaller rate and told her that you would raise the

salary if you happy with the job within 2/3 months. Good luck!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


(BSD) Hi Miree, Googled where to buy tampons in Jakarta and your blog page popped up, was just wondering, I'm hoping to go snorkelling over xmas but will have my dreaded period so obviously conventional "pads" are out of the question, do you know of anywhere I can buy them? Much appreciated!

(Miree) Hi BSD, Ranch Market in Buncit Raya, Chemist upstairs inside Hero Kemang & Grand Lucky in Sudirman currently they have a stock of Tampons, but I
would advise to buy a.s.a.p. as have noticed stocks are quite low, as are for many imported items. Also, try in the Food Court in the basement of Pondok Indah 2 and Gourmet Garage in Kemang Raya, as they had a few still on their shelves late last week. Regards.

Good radio station

(Amilia) Hi Miree,
Do you know what is a good radio station in Jakarta? Good music, english speaking radio, most expats living in Jakarta would listen to? It seems like every radio is in Bahasa. Pls help! Thanks.

Hi Amilia try tunning into KISSFM - 95.1. Cheers!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Dinner 2008

(Michael) Dear Miree, We plan to stay at the Ritz Carlton Jakarta for Christmas this year and Iwas wondering if you can recommend some good restaurants with authenticChristmas menu and a nice atmosphere? Thank you very much.

(Miree) Dear Michael, I would suggest you try to book Riva restaurant at the Parklane Jakarta hotel. They have are famous for their fine dining and they have very nice atmosphere too. The hotel close to Ritz maybe just 10 mins by car to get there if no traffic. You can check the details at this link Or if you just want walk distance then Ritz Carlton and JW Marriot can be good choice too. You can keep check for upcoming Christmas special offers, they update events everyday. Cheers and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shirts for men

(Eduardo) Hi Miree, Do you have any recomendations for a good shirt taylor for men in Jakarta, I normally pay up to 50 USD for a shirt in HK. I tried posting the question on your blog but could not get my way around. Thanks for the help.

(Miree) Dear Eduardo, for top quality business shirts, Laxmi Taylor in Kemang Raya No.6D, ph:719-8789 would be the pick of the bunch. Shirts dependingon material are priced between Rp700,000 - Rp900,000 each.
Another one would be New Gentleman Tailor in Jl Melawai IX No.8, owner Pak Eddie speaks English & prices are good, ph:739-5140, also you could try Melawai Tailor in Jl Melawai IV No.45, ph:739-6743.
To posting questions just simply send me an email at anytime. Regards.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Catering for Thanksgiving Dinner

(Sisca) Dear Miree, Do you know a place where I can cater for the Thanksgiving dinner which can deliver turkey, apple pie, etc? :) Thanks much!

(Miree) Hi Sisca, you can contact my friend Mary Ann Wiley. She is normally send out newsletter for the catering offers.
Mary Ann Wiley
The Upper Crust
Sekolah Duta I, No. 15-A Pondok Indah Jakarta 765-4476 0818-168-710
This is her latest newsletter -
12-lb. Turkey = Rp 420,000
17-lb. Turkey = Rp 595,000
If you would rather have The Upper Crust bake the turkey, we'll be happy to do that!
12-lb. Baked Turkey with Stuffing & Gravy * Rp 700,00017-lb.
Baked Turkey with Stuffing & Gravy * Rp 1,000,000,-
Another option:
We will prepare your entire Thanksgiving Dinner!
Absolutely NO stress for you!Rp 120,000 per servingor Dinner For Four PeopleRp 480,000 Our famous Traditional Thanksgiving Feast! Turkey, StuffingMashed Potatoes, GravyCranberry SauceGreen Beans AmandineCreamed CornSweet PotatoesDinner RollsApple Pie or Pumpkin Pie For the Ham Lovers:
Baked Ham with Pineapple & Cherry SauceScalloped PotatoesGreen Beans Amandine Creamed CornDinner RollsApple Pie or Pumpkin Pie. Place your order today!
Push Reply, give your address, phone number, and time you would like delivery.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Furnitures and hiking shoes

(Cecile) Hi Miree, thankyou for the good feedback on the blog site. First, thank you for this blog where I have found lots of informations Ineeded since we arrived in Jakarta (2 months ago). The website is excellent! But I still have 2 questions :- we are looking for a sofa-bed; where do you think we can find one ? I have visited different places but didn't find one.Is there a shop that look likes ikea (design and good prices) ?We would like to find nice lamps for living room as well but cheap ones. And shops i went too are expensive (1.7 million rp for a lamp!) I know we have to bargain but I am not very good at it yet... but learning
- we are looking for good hiking shoes to climb mountains and dotrekking in NZ for christmas. We could wait to be there but I am afraidof the pain because of new shoes so want to try it first... Do you know some specialised shops ?
Many thanks in advance.

(Miree) Hi Cecile, For a sofa bed have you been into Arbor & Troy, as they have a nice range of furniture, you could also take a drive down Ciputat Raya asthere is an abundance of furniture stores there, is one of my favourite areas. For lamps, there are a lot of shops around, Blok A in Fatmawati has a lot of lighting shops and that stock a lot of different styles and their prices are very reasonable. Last but not least, Hiking Shoes, try Rhino Outdoor on Jl Fatmawati, Ph: 021 -65-3280 / 766-4454 alsoTimberland which you will find in the high end shopping plaza's. Enjoyyour Kiwi adventure, regards.

Butter milk

(Michael) Dear Miree, do you have any idea where in Jakarta I could buy BUTTERMILK? ( I would like to prepare one of my favourite dishes from my grandma which requires buttermilk, but I haven't been able to find any in Jakarta so far.

(Miree) Hi Michael, I can't recall seeing it anywhere, but I would start looking in places like Caswells, Gourmet Garage, Kemchicks & the Ranch Markets or anywhere else that stocks American Products. Happy searching. Regards.

A question about birthday party

(Mina) Hi miree,Thank you for your useful blog. I am looking for kids birthday party goodie bags and decorations.We live in Jl.puricasablanca, kuningan. Chould you please Help me to find them?regards

(Miree) Hi Mina, Supermarkets like Ranch Market , Grand Lucky in Sudirman have a selection of party hats, balloons, lollie bage etc... another one that has a pretty good selection is the Hero Supermarket in Kemang, plus some of the larger shopping centers like Sogo & Metro. But if you are looking for something a bit more special contact Lani at Balloon World, Ph:7590-5980, e-mail:, they are located in Cipete, theymake Pinata's to theme of the party and fill them with litle toys andsweets etc... Lots of fun for the Kids, also the 'Lolly Pop Man', who makes beautiful Lolly Pop's as you watch, he is located in Kebayoran Baru, Ph: 726-5977. Cheers

Friday, October 24, 2008

Document translator services in Jakarta

(Gabriela) Dear Miree, Do you know a place where I get documents translated (bahasa Indonesia to eniglish and german). Many thanks and best regards.

(Miree) Dear Gabriela, You can find a lot tralator services from this link Goodluck, Miree


Karawaci and part time maid

(Sandy) Hi Miree, We are relatively new to Indonesia (7 months) and we live in Lippo Karawaci. I have a couple of questions I am hoping you can answer.
Could you recommend a massage place that does actual remedial/sports massage inor near Karawaci? We have a part time maid (she works Mon to Fri 7.30am to 2pm, does not live in). When we go on leave, say for 3 weeks, do we still pay her even though she isnot coming to the house to work?

(Miree) Dear Sandy, Thank you for your email.You can find alot infomation about karawaci in this website and they have list of spa places in this link,com_mtree/task,listcats/cat_id,111/Itemid,/Regarding your issue - I would suggest you pay your part time maid on daily basis or weekly basis. So in this case you won't necessary to pay her when you are away. I hope these answers help! Regards

resorts or spas near jakarta

(Liz) Hi Miree, We have visitors coming from Australia to visit us in early November andthey have expressed the desire to go away from Jakarta for a few days toa "spa or resort" . Do you know of anything that would fit that bill. Iguess they are not really thinking about anything "indonesian" likepuncak or anyer but something more 'international'. Hope you can help

(Miree) Dear Liz, Thank you for your email. I would suggest you to take your guests to first class programs of alternating vigorous exercise and relaxing spa treatments are delivered with a unique Indonesian flair. This Indonesian custom makes you feel instantly at home and yet far away; wrapped in the exotic cultures of Java. or Losari Coffee Plantation Resort & Spa These place are famous among Jakarta expatriates for getaway holiday. Goodluck! Miree

Shops near to the Sultan Residence, learn bahasa, ladies group and bridge games

(Pat) Dear Miree, What a great site and great info! Congratulations to you and your team! I am very new to Jakarta - been here only 10 days. Can you tell me of any stores near to the Sultan Residence where I can find household necessities such as clothes hangers, cutlery trays, ice cubetrays, buckets, crockery, etc? I am not looking for high end stuff. I would like to learn to speak Bahasa Indonesia. Do you know of any group classes where I would be likely to meet other ladies? I have been learning to play bridge online on website. I would really like to join a beginners class so would you know of any? Hoping that you can help.

(Miree) Hi Pat, Thank you for your email.Sultan Residence very close to Plaza Senayan which they have HERO supermarket, they pretty complete for household and price are good not expensive. To learn bahasa Indonesia you can contact Barry / Fransiska 0815 880 2234 And last you can join to play bridge with ANZA (Australian and New Zealand Association) play bridge together every Friday at 1pm and you can meet other ladies too including me ;-) Feel free to call me if you would like to join the Friday meeting group. Cheers, Miree

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dance classes in Jakarta?

(Jacqui) Hi Miree, We are looking at re-locating to Jakarta. My 13 year old daughter is a keendancer. Are there jazz, tap, hip-hop, acrobat, contemporary classes available anywhere? I have found some info on classical ballet classes. At present she is dancing 5 days a week across all genres and is keen to pursuea career in dance. Is there anywhere in Jakarta that may be able toaccommodate her?? Thanks in advance. Jacqui

(Miree) Hi Jacqui,Thank you for your email.I answered this question before, you can see the details for good ballet school in here
or you can contact the W9 CLUB . They have various dance classes.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Where to learn ballroom dances?

(Dominique) Dear Miree, Could you tell me where my husband and I could learn how to dance valtz, tango and others ballroom dances . It could be in a club or with a private teacher . Many thanks Best regards

(Miree) Dear Dominique, Thank you for your email. You and you husband can try to contact the W9 club.
The W9 Club is a music and dance club in a private home setting serving westernstyle grill, wines and cocktails in a latin ambience. It is home to JakartaTango Club, Jakarta International Community Choir (JICC), Jakarta CommunityChoir (JCC), and supports community and private functions in its variousmulti-purpose rooms in this restored two storey art deco style house in thetree-lined street in Wijaya IX, Kebayoran Baru in South Jakarta, close to BlokM.Ballroom, salsa, latin, tango dance and belly-dancing classes are scheduledweekly and in-house dance instructors entertain guests in the patio in theevenings for those who wish to dance outside of class. Open daily from 11.00amto 110.00 pm Jl. Wijaya IX No.21 Jakarta 12160
Tel: 62 21 720 8213
Happy Tango!

Where to rent laptop on daily basis?

(Gabe) Hi Miree,I used to live in Jakarta a few years ago and will be returning for a weekfor some business meetings.I'm looking for a place that rents laptop computers on a daily basis as Iwill be doing some training for the meeting attendees.I can't seem to find many places online. The hotels will rent laptops - butonly at relatively expensive rates.Thanks for any help or direction you can provide.regards

(Miree) Dear Gabe,You can try to contact or can rent laptop on daily basis.Good luck!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Looking for suitable venue to hold a get-together

(Randy) Hi Miree, Just wondering if you would be able to provide me with some information on the following. The Association of Sri Lankans in Indonesia (ASLI) is planning to have a get-together towards the end of October and we are now looking for a suitabable venue. The number of persons attending would be around 75 - 100, including children. Therefore, ideally it should be a function hall (preferably with some open-air/garden space) where we could arrange our own catering and bar services, musical entertainment etc.. So what we are looking for is just the rental of the place (including> tables/chairs/crockery/cutlery and other basics) for a Saturday night.> The preferred location is South Jakarta, in or around Kemang. Any suggestions? Look forward to hear from you. Thanks and regards,Randy

(Miree) Hi Randy,You can contact
Donna Pirone at Mobile 0818772577
Work 7197209
Jl. Bangka XI No.66 Jakarta Selatan
She can provide a venue - as well as providing catering services if required. Also we can recommend Della Rosa Jalan Kemang Raya 120 Phone 62 21 7181216 - 6221 7181217
Wishing you an enjoyable event! Best regards Miree

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


(Glenys) Hi Miree, My name is Glenys and I think we met before I left Jakarta 5 years ago. I had lived there for 7 years and ran the NewZealand ladies lunch group at the time. I am hoping that as you are in relocations, as I dabbled in myself, you may know of some new expat household positions available for my wonderful housekeeper, Asih. I was recently up in Jakarta very briefly and had time to track down and catch up with my old maid Asih. She has just had another baby, 2 months oldbut is keen to get a new position. She is so capable , her english is very good, she reads also in English which is something we, as a family helped her with. She Cooks amazingly and follows recipes from englishrecipe books. She has worked for expats for approx 14 years and she wasjust like my P.A when she worked for us. She can handle dinner parties with ease (and finesse) she is very responsible and intuitive to expat family situations. Asih is extremely discreet and faultlessly trustworthy and reliable,certainly traits not always common in staff!. I am just sorry for her that her last employers didn't think to facilitate her more when they returned to Norway and left her hanging without any sort of deadline to work with and was consequequently left without a job to go to when they left. She has since had her second baby and is now more than ready to recommence work.She is far to good a maid to be wasted and wants to work in Kemang,Pondok Indah, Cilandak area, (she lives in Fatmawati, her husband is still doing security at Palm Mansions in Cilandak where we used tolive.) I can highly recommend Asih for a general housekeeper's role butshe would prefer not to live in as she has 2 children.She worked for usa total of 7 years from the first day we arrived, until Peter (myhusband) left. In fact Asih was so devoted to our family and children,she was prepared to follow back to New Zealand and work 6 month stints which we disuaded her from due to the climate and cultural differences.We have kept in touch and I have kept up our friendship since ourreturn. I would feel much happier if I knew she had a good position with pay commenserate to her skills and experience. In my view she is well worth 2 million per month. I hope there may be a chance you can help Asih.
Her contact phone number is - 0813 111 87764

(Miree) Hi Glenys, nice to hear from you and great you have found my blog. There are several new familes coming in currently, so will pass Asih's mobile number onto them. I am sure if she is as good as you say she will find aposition in no time and maybe my readers may have someone they can passher number onto as well, as good staff with english are hard to find.All the best, Miree.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tailor for large size

(Téhany) Hello again Miree, I have an urgent request from two ladies who are in Jakarta only today and tomorrow. They are looking for a tailor to make large to X-large clothes for Australian women. They already have been to many places without finding anything... Could you help please? Thank you so much

(Miree) Hi Tehany, normaly is quite difficult to get a tailor to make up clothing in just two days, but even more so now as most local tailors will be very busy making new outfits for the Idul Fitri celebration at the beginning of October. This is their busiest time. Have you thought of taking your friends to Animale in Kemang Raya as they stock, but if more flowing type clothing and trousers with elastic waistes etc.... If I think of anywhere else will let you know. Good luck

Where to get hygienic tampons

(Téhany) Hi Miree,Thank you for your tips about salsa! I actually thought the Salsa Club had already closed....And after the brazilian waxing, another very feminine inquiry: would you know where in Jakarta (even where in Indonesia?) I could find.... hygienic tampons?!
Thank you in advance for your answer!

(Miree) Hi Tehany, you can purchase Tampax from the apotek in Hero Kemang, Ranch Market Buncit, Pondok Indah, Grand Lucky and Kemchicks. Happy searching, cheers

Where to buy Labrador and cat?

(Aga) Hi Miree,I'm just starting my "Jakarta adventure". I arrived last week. I found your blog very useful. Thank you for doing that!!!My husband and I are planning to buy a dog and maybe a cat here. I know there is many homeless cats everywhere but I would prefer some pet with documents etc. Could you tell me if there is any trustworthy place in Jakarta to buy a labrador and cat? Also, do you perhaps know any good vets who could help us to take care of our pets?I would really appreciate your help with these issues.Thank you very much

(Miree) Hi Aga, Groovy Pets would be a good place to start, as many breeders go their to get vaccinations done, so they would probably be more knowlegeable in where you could acquire information for Labradore breeders etc. Address: Jl. Kemang Raya No.44. Phone: 021 7179-2158, 719-7704. E-mail: / web: Have a good day

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ice Hockey Clubs in Jakarta

(Maya) Dear Miree, Is there any Ice Hockey Team or Clubs in Jakarta? If yes, could you giveme details about it? Thank you in advanced

(Miree) Hi Maya, Sky Rink in Mall Taman Angggrek have the only ice skating rink inJakarta and they advertise private or group skating lessons, hockey &figure skating. Phone number is: 02 564-2888, Regards

Monday, August 4, 2008

Finding new home

(Halden) Hello Miree, My name is Halden, I've been living in Jakarta for almost a year now and time is approaching to find a new home. I'm wondering if you or any ofyour collegues are available over the next few weeks to assist? I am working in Kemang, and would prefer to move closer to work. If you'reavailable, I can provide you with more specifics when we talk. Thanks

(Miree) Hi Halden, thank you for your email - will ring you shortly. Cheers, Miree

Salsa Club in Jakarta

(Tehany) Hello Miree, I found your website by seeking information about pubic waxing and I read the answer you made to a lady about the same topic.
Is the first address in Jakarta, and does the second one also perform Brazilian waxing?

Second thing, I have been looking for places to dance salsa for the two months 1/2 that I've been in Jakarta now, but most of the websites arfe not> updated at all... I finally found out the Grand Canyon Café, are there any other places that you know where I can go and dance salsa? If so, you would> be my angel... :)) Thank you very much

(Miree) Dear Tehany, thank you for your email.
Yes the first address is in Jakarta and yes Stip & Browhaus perform brazillian wax ;-)
For Salsa - please try to contact;
The W9 Club

Jl. Wijaya IX No.21 Jakarta 12160
Email: info@the-w9club.comTel: 62 21 720 8213

Salsa Club
Kemang Raya No.12
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 12 (ex Waroeng Kemang), Jakarta Selatan
Description Price: Rp 50.000-100.000,
Live Music: Band, Free Salsa,
Dance Class: Sun 7-8pm & Wed 6-7pm.
Dance performance: Fri-Sat at 10pm.
Dance Course Classes: Tue-Sat in the afternoon & evening.
Telepon 7195556 Fax. (021) 7195542
Happy dancing!

Casa de la Pareja Studio - Call +62817 660 5808. Full profile at

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where to find golf clubs and car rental services?

(Elly) Hi Miree, first of .. I think this is such a great website and service!!
Secondly, I was wondering if you can answer a few qst for me :o)

1) Do you know of a place or places in Jakarta or Bandung where we can getlocal inexpensive golf clubs and accessories? We have been looking around inthe Mall and they are just as expensive if not more compare to the states.We can find alot of things here in Jakarta, but somehow I still can't findany 'local' made golfclubs. Help?
2) Is there a service profider company you can think off that we can getaffordable car and driver rental from?
Thank you in advance for your help again.

(Miree) Hi Elly, Thank you for your email and support!
Please find the answers below to your questions -
1. You can try most the golf stores around Jakarta (some of which stock both original and non-original clubs) to try your luck and for Bandung you can try to buy golf clubs and/or accessories at the corner of Jalan Braga in Bandung.
2. You can find the list car rental services in All the best, Miree

How to Find a job in Jakarta ? ( Pharmacist & in Mining )

(Michelle) Dear Miree,I am a pharmacist by training but currently work as a product manager in amultinational pharmaceutical company in Kuala Lumpur. My husband hasrecently transferred to Jakarta. I an planning to join him soon and at thesame time interested to look for a job in Jakarta. I would like to find outa few things from you.
1. How do i get about working as a pharmacist in a retail pharmacy? Is thereany local authorities/professional organization that i have to registermyself with in order to work as a pharmacist?2. Can you recommend some local indonesian HR companies that help to placenon-local like myself in local/multinationcal pharmaceutical companiesworking in the capacity as a product manager?
Thanks a million for your help.--Regards,
( John) HI Miree. i hope you can heip me find a job over there in the mining game as aplant oparotor. EG - dump truck driver ,exavatour oparator .. or a job in aunder ground mine .any help would be great. thanks

(Miree) Hi Michelle & John, Thank you for your emails - I answered similiar to this question before. Please visit in this link to find the answer

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Aqua Aerobics Classes in Jakarta

(Mel J) Hi Miree, Are you able to tell me where I can do Aqua aerobics in Jakarta??? Thanks

(Miree) Hi Mel, MY BODY GYM have Aqua Aerobics classes at their two locations below.
Jl pecenongan Kav.7-17

Mon: 6:00pm-6.40pm
Wed: 6.00am - 7.20am
Phone : 231-6008
Fax : 231-6007
Email :

Apartment Senayan residenceJ
l patal senayan no.1-5Hours
Mon: 8:00am-9.00am
Sat: 8.00am - 9.30am
Phone : 300-42770
Fax : 300-42780
Email :
Have fun, Regards Miree.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Where to find a Tri-leg chair?

(Intan)Hi Miree, I'm looking for a Tri-leg chair shaped as the one in the attachedpictures.
The last time I've seen it in the duty free traditional souvenir shop atthe Soekarno Hatta airport.
I wonder where can I buy similar chairs and perhaps you can recommend meother stores?

(Miree) Hi Intan, I must admit I have not seen a Tri-leg chair in the time I have been in Jakarta, but places to start looking and asking at would be Chic-mart in Kemang Raya, Pasaraya and Trendy Home furnishing stores that stock leather goods. Also would be a good idea to take a picture around with you and one of the shops you visit maybe able to point you in the right direction. I will also ask around and see what I can come up with. Hope you are successful finding one. Regards, Miree.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Flying Club in Jakarta

(Sonu) Hi Miree! I wanted to know if there are any flying clubs here that I could join tolearn flying airplanes/helicopters?-- Thanks and regards

(Miree) Dear Sonu, thank you for your email.
The only Flying club I found is
It's in Bahasa Indonesia but I think you can contact them in English to find more info.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bolshoi Ballet are coming to Jakarta

(Liz) Hi Miree I have heard that the Bolshoi Ballet are coming to Jakarta. Do you have dates for this event and can you tell me where to purchase tickets? Thanks for your ongoing help

(Miree) Hi Liz,Thank you for your email. The Bolshoi Ballet Company will perform on 28 June at Upper room Wisma Nusantara Complex (Nikko Hotel) , Jakarta.
You can get tickets by calling them at 021 31903758
It should be a great performance so I hope you enjoy their show!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Request Media kit for magazine Tatler?

(Chew Hoi) Hi, Appreciated you could send me media kit and copy of magazine for Tatler as I can't reach publisher.Thanks.

(Miree) Hi Chew Hoi,You can get Tatler magazine at mostly bookstore and dept.Store in Jakarta.
Other contact you reach -
Office: PT Dayakomunikasi Mandiri
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat Dki Jakarta, Indonesia


Monday, June 9, 2008

Tanning services in Jakarta?

(Sharon) Hi Miree, Just been reading through your blogs... I live in Kemang and wondering if youcould help you know of anyone that does spray tanning in Jakarta,
Thanks so much

(Miree) Hi Sharon, Thank you for your email - you can find the tanning services in

Lifespa Fitness
Hotel Sultan Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto
Jakarta 12190, Indonesia
Center Manager - Mr. Lourensa J.A Kailuhu
Phone (62-21) 570-3600 ext. 3404/3405
Fax (62-21) 251-4021
Gold's Gym Menteng Huis
Menteng Huis Lt. 2
Jl. Cikini Raya 2 – 4 Jakarta, 10330 Ph. (021) 3983.1855
Fax (021) 3983.1858

Finding work in Jakarta

(Barry) Hi Miree,I would like to come and work in Jakarta.I have a good background in international banking software and would ideally like to work as a consultant. Who do you suggest I approach to find out if there are any jobs available?Thanks and regards,

(Miree) Hi Barry, I would like to suggest you to contact and send your curricullum Vitae to below companies;

1. PT JAC Indonesia
+6221 315 9504
Rino Bukit / Shashi G. Mulani

2. JDA- Harsono
+6221 759 04835
Ms. Suri / Sangkala Wondal

3. Bina Sumber Sarana
+6221 718 1111
Ms. Terry

4 Global Sarana Sukses
+6221 780 3652
Ms. Riana

5 PT. JobsDB Indonesia
+6221 5367 8888
+6221 5688 6992

6Vidya Artha Tama
+6221 801 1736
Lilis Letari

7.PT. Trinet Pacific International
+6221 515 3268 /69
Diah Mayang Putri

8. A&E Recruitment
Shagti Christi

Monday, June 2, 2008

Some questions about Living in Jakarta ...

(Miree) Hi Miree,How are you? What happened to you website? I couldn't access it for the past few days. First of all, I wanted to thank you for the leads on Robert's Furniture and the Kemang Travel Agency, both of which I had the pleasure of dealing with. Also, I was wondering if you have answers to my questions re Jakarta stuff:
1. Would you know of a good but inexpensive carpenter who can do simplecarpentry work/repairs around the house?
2. I have a glass door from the living room leading to the garden and would like to add a screen door to allow the air in. Would you know ofa good but inexpensive supplier who can do this? I had it quoted before and they gave me a very expensive quotation of Rp220M!
3. Would you know of a cabinet supplier who can add a plywood or MDF cabinet under the stairs?
4. Would you know of a good supplier who can make upholstered furniture?
5. Lastly, is there a reputable/legit masseuse/reflexologist who can go to my house for home service? I tried surfing the net for this and the results that came out are the shady services. Help! Many thanks!

(Miree) Hi Mireille, Great to hear that the furniture hunting succeed! Am doing great and currently visiting my family in New Zealand. I am sorry about unaccessable - sometimes network down for maintenance... not sure ;)
Well here are the answer for your questions ;

For items 1-3, we (Santa Fe) have a Property Management Division whichincludes handymen that can assist with this sort of work. If you like us to arrange for a quotation please call Nofa at our office (021 7892033).
Upholstered - try Arbor & Troy Expensive but very good quality.
Massage - you can call my regular Bu Partini - she is very good and been doing this for 20 years. Her rates for 2 hours is 150,000nett but she dont speak English though - maybe you ask someone to talk with you ;-) her number is 08164811140 or you can try this link Goodluck!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bus Route and Map in Jakarta ?

(Wilhelmina) Hi Miree, My husband and me like to travel around by public transport. There is obviously an extensive network of buses throughout the city and the surrounding villages, but so far we have not been able to find out which bus goes were. Where do we get this information? And are there maps available of the existing bus routes? We have also been looking for a good map of Jakarta, but so far we have only been able to find maps without any reference to street names etc. And since taxi drivers do not always know where things are, we would like to have a map that actually gives references to locations. To give you but one example: it took us an hour and a half and 2 taxis to get to the Gedung Kesenian because neither taxi driver knew where it was. We look forward to hearing from you.

(Miree) Hi Wilhelmina, You can find most bus route troughout the city and the surrounding villages by contact travel agents. Mostly they will have packages to offers.You can try to contact :
PT Kemang Nusantara Travel
Jl. Benda No. 23 A Cilandak Timur, Jakarta Selatan 12560 Indonesia
Phone (62 21) 788-46874
Fax (62-21) 782-7858
Ps. They speak English.

And the best map directory of Jakarta is "Jabotek"distributed by PT Java Books Indonesia, which can be purchased in hardcopy or CD-rom from any major book store such as Gramedia, Periplus or Aksara Kemang.The next best thing to find your way around Jakarta is to purchase a GPSsystem - the maps for Jakarta are getting better and better all the timeand a lot of people are succesfully using GPS systems in Jakarta. Theseare small units and are easy to take in a taxi with you. You can obtaina GPS system at Best Regards

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Best Ballet Place in Jakarta?

(Esti) Hi Miree, My Daughter turn 3 years old this coming June, and she has passion for Ballet. Can you recommend the best ballet place in Jakarta for children her age? I heard Sumber Cipta Ballet is a good school, but I got no luck finding their contact detail. Always wrong number. Thanks!

(Miree) Hi Esti,How are you - heard the twin coming soon! Congratulations! I found the correct Sumber Cipta Ballet for you - I have checked the number and it works ;)
Sumber Cipta Ballet
Address: Jl Ciputat Raya No 1 Pondok Pinang
Phone: 765 9467
Information: Ballet lessons for kids and women.
Good luck and let me know if you need further helps. Cheers

Best to buy Silverware in Jakarta?

(Daniel) Dear Miree , sorry to bother you...just wondering where is the best place to shop for silverware in Jakarta ? Any help much appreciated . Many thanks

(Miree) Hi Daniel,Thank you for your email - you can find best Silverware in Pasaraya Blok M. I often go there myself ;) Let me know if you need further assistances. Regards

Monday, May 19, 2008


(Dave) Hi Miree, Here is a interesting one for you. I am trying to find if possible, LARD here in Jakarta or at least a good alternative to it with similar taste. I need it to make pastry for pies (home made ones).Regards

(Miree) Hi Dave, Thank you for your interesting question ;)
You can find Lard in Ranch Market at Jl. Mampang prapatan or Gourmet Garage at Jl. Kemang Raya. (Used to be Barbados restaurant).
Goodluck and Cheers!

French Film Festival in Jakarta?

(Liz) Hi Miree, In 2007 there was a fantastic French Film Festival in Jakarta - I am wondering if there is going to be another one this year 2008 or have I already missed it.

(Miree) Hi Liz,Thank you for you email. Am sorry to say that you already missed the 12th French film festival held onApril 14-22. For future information you can always visit under art &music events page or I will also keep you posted if I heard any updates in future. ;)Have a great week!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Where to find gorgeous western women to date in Jakarta?

(Withheld) Hi Miree, Enjoy your blog, just a quick question.
I'm a 47-year-old Australian male and I've been in Jakarta for 10 months now and I'd love to find a gorgeous western woman to date. They are pretty thin on the ground. Where are they all hiding? I have absolutely no interest in the locals.

(Miree) Jakarta is certainly not a usual posting destination for single expatriate women - and normally the only place you will find them is atthe International Schools. Typically the main places you will find them having after-school drinks is at Satu Lagi bar at Hotel Kristal - or at De Hooi at Pondok Indah. Happy hunting!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Will anyone perform a dreaded bikini wax?

(Amy) Hi Miree, Great website, even for those of us living outside the city. I'm a pretty new arrival, and I can't find anyone in my little town who will perform bikini waxes. Now, I don't particularily enjoy the procedure either, but, what's a gal to do for an upcoming trip to the beach? Dare I ask if you know any salons who will perform a brazilian wax? And what about laser hair removal services, are there any you can recommend? What areas in Jakarta would these businesses be in? I'm not having much luck finding any of these businesses online. Thanks very much for your help!

(Miree) Dear Amy, I would like to recommended you to try ;
Brazilian Waxing - Caramel Salon at Pondok Indah (Fitria retails)

ctc person: Tari - 0811858060 (she is the expert - always request for her service)
And about Laser Hair Removal services - please contact or go to :

Senayan City Mall Lower Ground Floor, L-101
Tel: +62 21 72781489/ 86Fax: +62 21 72781489/ 86
anggunelokATgmailDOTcom and
Goodluck ;)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hernia specialist in Jakarta?

(Patrick) Hello Miree, I always enjoy reading your blog. It really gives good info about life here in Jakarta. So I hope you can help me. I developed a hernia and need surgery. Basically it is nothing special, but still I would like to know if there is a specialist in Jakarta having the latest training and experience. Hope you have some information for me.
Thanks a lot in advance and best regards.

(Miree) Hi Patrick, glad you enjoy my blog and hope you continue to do so in thefuture. Could you please call my mobile 0811153824, so I can give you the number of a medical doctor that I have just spoken to that you can call who might be able to point you in the right direction of a good specialist. Regards.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Where to promote our rent house for expatriates?

(Michael and Lela Brady) Dear Miree, We own a home in Jakarta, which we rent out to expatriate families. The house will be vacant later this year, so we will be looking for newrenters. Can you recommend electronic forums or listings sites where we can advertize the home? Thanks

(Miree) Dear Michael and Lela,Thanks for your email. Santa Fe provides home search services tohundreds of expatriate clients each year and we would be happy to addyour proprty to our database. We also will be launching a new propertywebsite in a few months - and which will be targetted towardsexpatriates. Just contact me mnew(AT)santaferelo(DOT)co(DOT)id directly so we canarrange for an inspection of the property, taking photo's etc. Best regards

Where is good place to live in Cikarang?

(David) Hi Miree,I am an Australian and my wife is Chinese Malaysian and I'm looking at a job in Cikarang and I want to know where is a good place to live. If I take the job we will likely stay for three years. My Wife may or may not work so I'd like there to be interesting things for her to do if she isn't working. As for me I don't want to spend too many hours commuting to and from the office. I'd like to live in a house with a yard and a pool as well (my company will be footing the bill). Can you give me any ideas on where to start looking. I am hoping they will let us fly there prior to taking the job to check it out and I'd like toknow where to look first. My wife and I like to shop and to eat out etc aswell. Hoping you can give me a starting point? Also there don't really seem to beany decent online maps of Jakarta and surrounding areas. Do you know of anyweb sites with something good? Thanks

(Miree) Hi David, Cikarang is in West Java, outside the Jakarta boundary and is approx. 2 hours drive from Jakarta's Central Business District. I was informed that because of the large industrial area in Cikarang, there are several housing areas there including an area where expatriates reside. I am not familiar with this area, so am putting it out to our readers to see if anyone can shed some more light on Cikarangs housing areas and standard of housing there. I will also ask some of our Home earch consultants in Santa Fe's Homesearch Dept to do some research for you as well. In regards to maps here are two websites which may be of help - & . Regards

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Next Furniture Expo at JCC?

(Fairly)Dear Miree, Your information in WNJ is very useful. If anyone reads through the whole blogsthere is a lot of information there to be gatherd.
My question is : when will be the next Furniture Exhibition held in JCC. I havea couple of friends who are interested in furniture and the best time would beto coincide with this event.
thanks a million, best regards.

(Miree) Hi Fairly, Thank you for your compliments and support!
The next furniture Expo is ; 28 June 2008 - 6 July 2008 Jakarta Furniture Fair Produk: FurnitureBertempat di: JCC Exhibition Hall A + B
Organize by : • Misty Total Media, PT.
You also can find the whole EXPO schedule IN Indonesia at and Cheers,Miree

Monday, April 14, 2008

Good Feedback ;-)

(Mike) Hi miree,Just saw ur site and read a few questions posted.. Wow!!!> U r good!!! Well done. This is my 8th year in JKT, yet, still dunno that much. Hehe...Enjoy!

(Miree) Hi Mike, thanks for the compliment and great to get the feedback, butcan't take all the credit as is definitely a team effort. Keep onchecking the site and if you need any information ' Just Ask Miree '.Have a great week, regards, Miree.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Javana Spa still open?

(Wendy) Hi Miree, How are you? I'm afraid that once again I need your help. I've been trying to get in touch with a Javana Spa at but, nobody's replied to any of my online enquiries. I even tried calling them on 21-7198327/28 but, it says that the number is incorrect. Would you by any chance know if this Javana Spa is still in business please? It says that it has an office at Plaza Bisnis Kemang II but we can't check whether this is true, being outside of Jakarta. If it is, what is the phone number? Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks and kind regards.

(Miree) Hi Wendy,Thank you for your email again ;-). I just past their office few days ago and they are still open plus the confirm info from my girlfriend a loyal customer of Javana Spa. Maybe there something wrong in their phone network. Kemang area a little funny network lately. I would suggest you go to their office directly or drop an email at javana(at)javanaspa(dot)co(dot)id
Plaza Bisnis Kemang II
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 2 Jakarta 12730, INDONESIA
Telp. 62-21-719-8327 / 28Fax. 62-21-719 5555

Ps. btw, have u ever go to javana spa at cidahu (sukabumi)? i'ts very recommended :) Tips : for lower price, usually i buy voucher at travel tour :)
Recomended by Vinie

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Meditation class / course ?

(Andi) Hi Miree, I'm looking for a meditation class / course. Do you know where I can find aplace that offers such courses? Shall I try at some Buddhist temple inChinatown?

(Miree) Hi Andi, Thank you for your email. Meditation classes so far I only know these 2 contacts below. Please visit their website and see wich one more suitable for you.

Jakarta Do Yoga
3rd floor Jl. Sunda no.7 Menteng

Ekayana Buddhist CentreVihara Ekayana Graha Jln. Mangga II No. 8L-M-N-0Kel. Duri Kepa, Tanjung Duren Barat, Jakarta Barat 11510Tel: (021) 5687921-22, Fax: 5687921

Tradition: Buddhayana Email:

Will let you know if I found more info regarding this. Have a nice day!

Good travel agent?

(Mireille) Hi Miree! I've been living in Jakarta for over one month now and I'm so glad Istumbled into your website! My family will be visiting next month and Iwould like to take them to Borobudur and other nearby places. Would you beable to recommend a good travel agency that specializes in local travelpackages? Hopefully with affordable packages as my husband and I would liketo take the opportunity to explore the place with them.Thanks.

(Miree) Hi Mireille, Please try my regular travel agent KemTravel. They are pretty good and speaks english. You can mention my name because they know me pretty well there. ;-)

Theresia Sinulingga
Phone 021 7884 6874
Hp. 0818 668 498

Let me know if you need more contacts. Cheers.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Funiture Shop

(Tatika) Dear Miree,Hi, I was wondering if you know any furniture shops in Jakarta that sells cheap furnitures. Me and my boyfriend have been browsingaround the Kemang area but most of the furnitures are above $ 1000,-, eventho the furnitures are nice but the prices are a bit too overpriced for us.We were looking for something between $100 - $500.
Thank you so much for your help.

(Miree) Dear Tatika,
Please try ;
Gaya Gallery
Jl. kampung utan no.78DCiputat Countrywood. Jakarta Selatan
Contact : Frida 021 91263126 / 0811970861
She is one of my good friend - mostly furniture are woods . good quality, reasonable price and can be made by your style.
Robert furniture 0217512223
Jl. Taman Wijaya kusuma 1. D4Fatmawati - Cilandak
(just infront cross street Cilandak town square - CITOS, Turn left after Mobil 88 shop)

Good luck hunting furniture! Let me know if you need more shops info... Cheers

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Disney on Ice in Istora Senayan Jakarta 26th April - 2nd May 2008

Dear All,

We just get information that The Disney on Ice will perform in Istora Senayan Jakarta this 26th April - 2nd May 2008!
Reservation start on 11th March at 0215721993

Hope this is a good news to you all! Cheers

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wheels For Luggage

(Liz &Walter Casha) Hi Miree ,Wondering if you can help me with an unusual request. We have some(relatively new) luggage which has wheels on it. During a recent trip toPortugal with all those lovely cobbled streets the wheels sufferedsignificant damage and we would like to try to find some new ones beforeour upcoming overseas trip in May. Can you suggest anywhere that wemight find some replacements. The luggage itself is too good to justdiscard. Your help would be appreciated.

(Miree) Hi Luz and Walter,I know there good chain shop "LABA LABA" - they can service any kind of bags,shoes and belts. And they known well good service!
I found 2 chain details for you as per below;

LABA LABA Panglima Polim Raya no.44 phone ; 021-7203626
Cikini Raya no. 85Phone; 021 31937587

Also see if one of the Stop n Go shops could fix or replace the wheel fixture, they mainly fix shoes, but do fix Polo Suitcases and if your case has a simular construction they may be able to help or maybe able to point you in the right direction to somebody that can. There is one in the Hero Supermarket in Barito.

I hope this info helps ;-) Cheers

Restaurant Supply

(Jason)Hi! Im an expat living in Jakarta and I'm very interested in starting aPizza restaurant. I have had a lot of trouble trying to find restaurantsupply dealers, as virtually no businesses are online and even yellow pagesare more or less useless. Whenever I go to local pizza places, no on thereseems to know anything about the equipment. I even attended a hugerestaurant/bakery expo here and had no luck finding what i needed. USCommercial Service was no help either and only had a small list of US exporters. I know the equipment (conveyor ovens, mixers, doughsheeters/presser, other pizza supplies like pans, etc) are available here,but i just cant find info on the suppliers. Geez, with all the pizza placeshere, you'd think it would be easy just to find pizza pans in retail stores,but no luck really. Thought I'd ask you before I start bothering actual restaurant owners.Thanks!

(Miree)Hi Jason,Please try this contact below - right now they are one the biggest supplier...
Head office
Rotaryana Prima, PTInternational Private companyJl. Teuku Cik Ditiro 16, Jakarta, , Indonesia()62 021 310 6767, 62 021 310 2256
Shop ;

Primary SIC: Refrigeration And Heating Equipment, Primary NAICS: AirConditioning and Warm Air Heating Equipment and Commercial and IndustrialRefrigeration Equipment ManufacturingDescription: Manufacturing: Manufacture and sale of commercial refrigeration andkitchen equipment Stainless steel equipment Catering, food, health, hotel Washbasins, shelves,sinks, tablesLaboratory Fridge/Freezer Labec brand laboratory Fridges and Freezers forgeneral laboratory useBar equipment We are a manufacturer of bar and restaurant equipment

And for the glasses and plate equipment ;KEDAUNG TABLETOP OUTLETJl. Kemang Raya No. 95-EJakarta Selatan Phone : (62-21) 718 3767 / 719 8530 Fax : (62-21) 7179 0669 Contact Person : Bpk Aspuri

Hope this time you more lucky! Goodluck!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Disney on Ice in Jakarta?

(Wendy) Hi Miree,I've been trying to find out information about the upcoming "Disney on Ice" shows in Jakarta. Would you know where I could buy the tickets from please? Is there a website for the shows? It'd be fantastic if you did. I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks in advance.

(Miree) Hi Wendy, WNJ team and myself haven't heard yet about they coming into Jakarta. So far the news are they coming Singapore which there special package for Jakartan you can find in
In my opinion if they coming to Jakarta there will be a big promotion going on in all Media.
I guess all we have to do is just wait for the news ;-)
Have a nice day! Cheers

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hire pool table

(Keron) Hi Miree, My daughter's 16th birthday is coming up soon and to make her house party more fun I was thinking of renting out a pool table for the day. Are there places in Jakarta that do this? Any info on this will be a godsend. Thanks

(Miree) Hi Keron, I am suggest you to try to contacts the bars , maybe my friend in Maddogs bar and restaurant at Cilandak Comercial Estate might able to hire their pool table - its all depend how much you willing to pay too though. But sure its no hurt to try.
Maddogs : Walter 0816774586

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kickboxing School at Jakarta?

(Scott) Hi Miree, thanks for the advice on the Indonesian School, it has worked outwell. Another question, do you know of any kickboxing schools in Jakarta?
(Miree)Hi Scott,Glad your Indonesian school work out well!

Here are some listing of martial arts schools;

JKD Martial ArtsKemang and BenhilWebsite:

Matra Taekwondo School
For people new to the martial arts, the benefits of martial arts training might not be obvious. Some will think, sure, it's a great workout--just look at that "Ty Bo" guy. And of course it's good for self-defense, with all that punching and Kicking. But the benefits of martial arts training, especially for children and teenagers, are much more than simple physical improvements. Martial arts benefits span a spectrum of physical, mental, and social attributes, all of which are learned and improved through martial arts training.Website:

School: BJC - KoryujukuGOR Cempaka Putih, JakartaStyle: Bob Jones Combatives, Koryujuku, Gojuryu Karate Instructor: Bryson Keenan Telephone: +62 813 1077 1202 Website:
E-mail: ociananATyahooDOTcom

The International Sports Club of Indonesia (ISCI)Jl. Ciputat Raya, West Java. PO BOX 6359/JKSGU, Jkt 12063Tae Kwon Do - both adult and children Phone : (6221) 749 0540 Fax : (6221) 749 0754Website:
E-mail: isciATisciDOTcoDOTid

Muay Thai Training Campat Performa Gym, Jl. Panglima Polim 2, No. 2Kebayoran Baru Open every day; ask for Pak Endi

You also can find the listing at at sport activities page.
Good luck!

Beauty parlor at Kelapa Gading?

(Vandana)Hi Miree,I am looking for a skin treatment center providing facials of goodquality.> Pls adv. Thanks
(Miree) Hi Vandana,As you are living in Kelapa gading - you can find alot info about Kelapagading in - They have listing of beauty parlors.
And another suggestion from my good friend Linda Beatson;
Caroline Mulenga
Guinot Beautician
Jl Benda Atas 32A CIlandak 0813 17716011

She is expat, recently arrived back in Jakarta, also does cosmetic tattoo. Good quality, so not a 'bargain' about 300 thou for a facial.

Also Rangoon Feliz in Cipete


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Advise : Where New Year Eve's party for single women?

(Dinh)Hi Miree,
I am a single woman, in my 30s, just moved to Jakarta for a few months and will be based here for a while. I have no family, no friends here. I am wondering if there is any place to go for New Year Eve in Jakarta, some place "safe" for alone woman that I can have some music, some fun... Appreciate your advice and Happy New Year to you.
(Miree) Hi Dinh, you are welcome to call me 0811153824 and join my group party! Cheers

DJ for New Year Eve Party?

(Simone) Hi Miree,
I'm having a new year'e eve party at my house and looking for a DJ to come to the house. Would you know where we could hire someone to come including the equipment?Thanks

(Miree) Hi Simone,
Please contact
WNJ team dwongatwhatsnewjakartadotcom or 0811836552 - Normally they charge between 4-5 million rupiah.They also just played last Saturday in SantafeXmasParty 2007
You can ask them to come to your house to check the place and discuss about what musics you would like.
Merry Christmas and Have a great New Year Party!