Friday, October 24, 2008

Document translator services in Jakarta

(Gabriela) Dear Miree, Do you know a place where I get documents translated (bahasa Indonesia to eniglish and german). Many thanks and best regards.

(Miree) Dear Gabriela, You can find a lot tralator services from this link Goodluck, Miree


Karawaci and part time maid

(Sandy) Hi Miree, We are relatively new to Indonesia (7 months) and we live in Lippo Karawaci. I have a couple of questions I am hoping you can answer.
Could you recommend a massage place that does actual remedial/sports massage inor near Karawaci? We have a part time maid (she works Mon to Fri 7.30am to 2pm, does not live in). When we go on leave, say for 3 weeks, do we still pay her even though she isnot coming to the house to work?

(Miree) Dear Sandy, Thank you for your email.You can find alot infomation about karawaci in this website and they have list of spa places in this link,com_mtree/task,listcats/cat_id,111/Itemid,/Regarding your issue - I would suggest you pay your part time maid on daily basis or weekly basis. So in this case you won't necessary to pay her when you are away. I hope these answers help! Regards

resorts or spas near jakarta

(Liz) Hi Miree, We have visitors coming from Australia to visit us in early November andthey have expressed the desire to go away from Jakarta for a few days toa "spa or resort" . Do you know of anything that would fit that bill. Iguess they are not really thinking about anything "indonesian" likepuncak or anyer but something more 'international'. Hope you can help

(Miree) Dear Liz, Thank you for your email. I would suggest you to take your guests to first class programs of alternating vigorous exercise and relaxing spa treatments are delivered with a unique Indonesian flair. This Indonesian custom makes you feel instantly at home and yet far away; wrapped in the exotic cultures of Java. or Losari Coffee Plantation Resort & Spa These place are famous among Jakarta expatriates for getaway holiday. Goodluck! Miree

Shops near to the Sultan Residence, learn bahasa, ladies group and bridge games

(Pat) Dear Miree, What a great site and great info! Congratulations to you and your team! I am very new to Jakarta - been here only 10 days. Can you tell me of any stores near to the Sultan Residence where I can find household necessities such as clothes hangers, cutlery trays, ice cubetrays, buckets, crockery, etc? I am not looking for high end stuff. I would like to learn to speak Bahasa Indonesia. Do you know of any group classes where I would be likely to meet other ladies? I have been learning to play bridge online on website. I would really like to join a beginners class so would you know of any? Hoping that you can help.

(Miree) Hi Pat, Thank you for your email.Sultan Residence very close to Plaza Senayan which they have HERO supermarket, they pretty complete for household and price are good not expensive. To learn bahasa Indonesia you can contact Barry / Fransiska 0815 880 2234 And last you can join to play bridge with ANZA (Australian and New Zealand Association) play bridge together every Friday at 1pm and you can meet other ladies too including me ;-) Feel free to call me if you would like to join the Friday meeting group. Cheers, Miree

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dance classes in Jakarta?

(Jacqui) Hi Miree, We are looking at re-locating to Jakarta. My 13 year old daughter is a keendancer. Are there jazz, tap, hip-hop, acrobat, contemporary classes available anywhere? I have found some info on classical ballet classes. At present she is dancing 5 days a week across all genres and is keen to pursuea career in dance. Is there anywhere in Jakarta that may be able toaccommodate her?? Thanks in advance. Jacqui

(Miree) Hi Jacqui,Thank you for your email.I answered this question before, you can see the details for good ballet school in here
or you can contact the W9 CLUB . They have various dance classes.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Where to learn ballroom dances?

(Dominique) Dear Miree, Could you tell me where my husband and I could learn how to dance valtz, tango and others ballroom dances . It could be in a club or with a private teacher . Many thanks Best regards

(Miree) Dear Dominique, Thank you for your email. You and you husband can try to contact the W9 club.
The W9 Club is a music and dance club in a private home setting serving westernstyle grill, wines and cocktails in a latin ambience. It is home to JakartaTango Club, Jakarta International Community Choir (JICC), Jakarta CommunityChoir (JCC), and supports community and private functions in its variousmulti-purpose rooms in this restored two storey art deco style house in thetree-lined street in Wijaya IX, Kebayoran Baru in South Jakarta, close to BlokM.Ballroom, salsa, latin, tango dance and belly-dancing classes are scheduledweekly and in-house dance instructors entertain guests in the patio in theevenings for those who wish to dance outside of class. Open daily from 11.00amto 110.00 pm Jl. Wijaya IX No.21 Jakarta 12160
Tel: 62 21 720 8213
Happy Tango!

Where to rent laptop on daily basis?

(Gabe) Hi Miree,I used to live in Jakarta a few years ago and will be returning for a weekfor some business meetings.I'm looking for a place that rents laptop computers on a daily basis as Iwill be doing some training for the meeting attendees.I can't seem to find many places online. The hotels will rent laptops - butonly at relatively expensive rates.Thanks for any help or direction you can provide.regards

(Miree) Dear Gabe,You can try to contact or can rent laptop on daily basis.Good luck!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Looking for suitable venue to hold a get-together

(Randy) Hi Miree, Just wondering if you would be able to provide me with some information on the following. The Association of Sri Lankans in Indonesia (ASLI) is planning to have a get-together towards the end of October and we are now looking for a suitabable venue. The number of persons attending would be around 75 - 100, including children. Therefore, ideally it should be a function hall (preferably with some open-air/garden space) where we could arrange our own catering and bar services, musical entertainment etc.. So what we are looking for is just the rental of the place (including> tables/chairs/crockery/cutlery and other basics) for a Saturday night.> The preferred location is South Jakarta, in or around Kemang. Any suggestions? Look forward to hear from you. Thanks and regards,Randy

(Miree) Hi Randy,You can contact
Donna Pirone at Mobile 0818772577
Work 7197209
Jl. Bangka XI No.66 Jakarta Selatan
She can provide a venue - as well as providing catering services if required. Also we can recommend Della Rosa Jalan Kemang Raya 120 Phone 62 21 7181216 - 6221 7181217
Wishing you an enjoyable event! Best regards Miree