Monday, May 28, 2007

DJ for party?

(James) I’m looking for a DJ for my daughter’s birthday party (age 12). Do you have any suggestions?
(Miree) Hi James, Someone from our team will be in contact with you to assist organising this for you. They have organised many similar events and the rates are quite affordable.

Best wishes for your daughter's birthday party!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Maid and cook?

(Nuke Yudaningrat) One of our Expatriates needs to have Maid and cook. Do you know the agency’s contact number or person for this?

(Miree) JICC have a staff registry at their premises each week. Call them on 021 7179 3035 for the details.

Where to find Costume Made?

(Lily Van Helden) I need to have some star fish costumes made for my 3.5 years old daughter's & her class mate's year end graduation. Do you know which tailor I can go to & where? Not too expensive please....Thanking you so much in advance

(Miree) Try Wardi at Eka Busana, Jl.Pejaten Barat 11 No. 8c. Rt.004/08, Pasar Minggu. I have used him myself on several occasions for costumes for themed events I have attended. His pricing is low and has always done a very good job in the past, but you need to have a picture or pattern of what you want, give him plenty of time to make the garments and keep following up during the process as can be a bit slow.