Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Furnitures and hiking shoes

(Cecile) Hi Miree, thankyou for the good feedback on the blog site. First, thank you for this blog where I have found lots of informations Ineeded since we arrived in Jakarta (2 months ago). The website is excellent! But I still have 2 questions :- we are looking for a sofa-bed; where do you think we can find one ? I have visited different places but didn't find one.Is there a shop that look likes ikea (design and good prices) ?We would like to find nice lamps for living room as well but cheap ones. And shops i went too are expensive (1.7 million rp for a lamp!) I know we have to bargain but I am not very good at it yet... but learning
- we are looking for good hiking shoes to climb mountains and dotrekking in NZ for christmas. We could wait to be there but I am afraidof the pain because of new shoes so want to try it first... Do you know some specialised shops ?
Many thanks in advance.

(Miree) Hi Cecile, For a sofa bed have you been into Arbor & Troy, as they have a nice range of furniture, you could also take a drive down Ciputat Raya asthere is an abundance of furniture stores there, is one of my favourite areas. For lamps, there are a lot of shops around, Blok A in Fatmawati has a lot of lighting shops and that stock a lot of different styles and their prices are very reasonable. Last but not least, Hiking Shoes, try Rhino Outdoor on Jl Fatmawati, Ph: 021 -65-3280 / 766-4454 alsoTimberland which you will find in the high end shopping plaza's. Enjoyyour Kiwi adventure, regards.