Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wheels For Luggage

(Liz &Walter Casha) Hi Miree ,Wondering if you can help me with an unusual request. We have some(relatively new) luggage which has wheels on it. During a recent trip toPortugal with all those lovely cobbled streets the wheels sufferedsignificant damage and we would like to try to find some new ones beforeour upcoming overseas trip in May. Can you suggest anywhere that wemight find some replacements. The luggage itself is too good to justdiscard. Your help would be appreciated.

(Miree) Hi Luz and Walter,I know there good chain shop "LABA LABA" - they can service any kind of bags,shoes and belts. And they known well good service!
I found 2 chain details for you as per below;

LABA LABA Panglima Polim Raya no.44 phone ; 021-7203626
Cikini Raya no. 85Phone; 021 31937587

Also see if one of the Stop n Go shops could fix or replace the wheel fixture, they mainly fix shoes, but do fix Polo Suitcases and if your case has a simular construction they may be able to help or maybe able to point you in the right direction to somebody that can. There is one in the Hero Supermarket in Barito.

I hope this info helps ;-) Cheers