Monday, October 4, 2010

New in Jakarta and need networking

( Daniel) Hi Miree,
I am Daniel C from east europe-Romania .I arrived to Jakarta one month ago. I need new friends ,meeting points ,places. I stay to hotel Raden Saleh street but is very difficult for me because I do not know someone expat here. I am applying for some jobs /Iam petroleum engineer with rich experience maintenance downstream. Soon I find up this site and hurry I sent you this email. I kindly ask your help. Thank you ! Best Regards

(Miree) Dear Daniel,
Welcome to Jakarta! You can check the upcoming events in - special the business events, you can attend some the networking events and get some networks. was created since 2006 by PT. INFO MEDIA KREATIF and intended to provide lifestyle guide for expatriates and Jakartans.
I hope this information help.

Learning Bahasa

Hi Miree,

Was reading your blog, very interesting and good work.

I'm new to Jakarta joined a mining company wanted to learn Bahasa and also network with people involved in Mining in Jakarta / Indonesia.

Would be great if you could give me any pointers.




Dear Yogesh,

Thanks you for contacting us. You can contact Vic Lang as per Cc'ed for learing Bahasa and upcoming find business events by visit


New to Jakarta

(Adriana) Hello Miree,
Your email was forwarded to me by Peter Wharton who suggested I contacted you for advice on living in Jakarta. My family and are moving this October 5th and I'm a bit concearned about health and safety systems there. I have a healthy 2 year old son however am very concearned about cleanliness, pollution in the city, etc. Also, if you know of any babysitting companies that you'd recommend I'd greatly appreciate it!

As I'd mentioned to Peter, I'm interested in knowing what is like living in Jakarta as a Westerner, is the health system considerably OK? How is the international schooling system for young international kids, are there any business associations? (I'm a Marketing Communications/PR professional), support groups for foreigners besides de Embassy related groups, what are the things to watch out for regarding climate, food, pollution, environment in general, people, safety (meaning civil and health).

My husband and I lived in Beijing for 3 years (from '05-'08) and loved it except the traffic and pollution. We thereafter moved to Buenos Aires and have been here for 1 1/2 years and now are getting ready to move again!
Any advice you can provide we would greatly appreciate it!

(Miree) Hi Adriana, It is only natural to be anxious when you are moving to a new Country with a young child. Like Beijing, Jakarta has pollution and the traffic is unmentionable, but the international schooling from preschool up is of a high standard. In regards to medical providers the two that are recommended are International SOS & Global Doctors. I will send you a separate e-mail with further information and some attachments to assist you, as there is quite a lot to cover. Regards, Miree.

Rangon Feliz New Address, Jakarta

(Jodi) Hi – I have been a customer of Rangon Feliz for quite a while. My phone died
and I lost all my phone numbers and addresses! Can you please send me the
current address of Rangon Feliz? The shop moved last spring. It isn’t on
Jl. Gahru any more. They’re now located somewhere behind CiToS. Can you
help? Thanks

(WNJ) Dear Jody,

I found a hits, hopefully it was the right one with what you looking for. we also updating the info on our WNJ website now.

Feliz Boutique Salon & Day Spa (changed name from Ranggon Feliz and moved to a new location January 2010)
Great one-stop shop for pampering the whole family. Felicia, the salon owner, speaks fluent English and Bahasa Indonesia. The staff are friendly and experienced and offer a full range of treatments for adults and children, from hair cuts to manicures and pedicures. Children receive a 40% discount on treatments. Speak to Felicia to organise a manicure party as an idea for your children’s birthday party.

Jl Cilandak Tengah 3 No.3, Cilandak, South Jakarta (close to CITOS)
Tel: 765 6525

• 09:00-18.00 Tues-Sat (hair salon)

WNJ Team