Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shirts for men

(Eduardo) Hi Miree, Do you have any recomendations for a good shirt taylor for men in Jakarta, I normally pay up to 50 USD for a shirt in HK. I tried posting the question on your blog but could not get my way around. Thanks for the help.

(Miree) Dear Eduardo, for top quality business shirts, Laxmi Taylor in Kemang Raya No.6D, ph:719-8789 would be the pick of the bunch. Shirts dependingon material are priced between Rp700,000 - Rp900,000 each.
Another one would be New Gentleman Tailor in Jl Melawai IX No.8, owner Pak Eddie speaks English & prices are good, ph:739-5140, also you could try Melawai Tailor in Jl Melawai IV No.45, ph:739-6743.
To posting questions just simply send me an email at anytime. Regards.