Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Good travel agent?

(Mireille) Hi Miree! I've been living in Jakarta for over one month now and I'm so glad Istumbled into your website! My family will be visiting next month and Iwould like to take them to Borobudur and other nearby places. Would you beable to recommend a good travel agency that specializes in local travelpackages? Hopefully with affordable packages as my husband and I would liketo take the opportunity to explore the place with them.Thanks.

(Miree) Hi Mireille, Please try my regular travel agent KemTravel. They are pretty good and speaks english. You can mention my name because they know me pretty well there. ;-)

Theresia Sinulingga
Phone 021 7884 6874
Hp. 0818 668 498

Let me know if you need more contacts. Cheers.