Friday, June 20, 2008

Flying Club in Jakarta

(Sonu) Hi Miree! I wanted to know if there are any flying clubs here that I could join tolearn flying airplanes/helicopters?-- Thanks and regards

(Miree) Dear Sonu, thank you for your email.
The only Flying club I found is
It's in Bahasa Indonesia but I think you can contact them in English to find more info.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bolshoi Ballet are coming to Jakarta

(Liz) Hi Miree I have heard that the Bolshoi Ballet are coming to Jakarta. Do you have dates for this event and can you tell me where to purchase tickets? Thanks for your ongoing help

(Miree) Hi Liz,Thank you for your email. The Bolshoi Ballet Company will perform on 28 June at Upper room Wisma Nusantara Complex (Nikko Hotel) , Jakarta.
You can get tickets by calling them at 021 31903758
It should be a great performance so I hope you enjoy their show!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Request Media kit for magazine Tatler?

(Chew Hoi) Hi, Appreciated you could send me media kit and copy of magazine for Tatler as I can't reach publisher.Thanks.

(Miree) Hi Chew Hoi,You can get Tatler magazine at mostly bookstore and dept.Store in Jakarta.
Other contact you reach -
Office: PT Dayakomunikasi Mandiri
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat Dki Jakarta, Indonesia


Monday, June 9, 2008

Tanning services in Jakarta?

(Sharon) Hi Miree, Just been reading through your blogs... I live in Kemang and wondering if youcould help you know of anyone that does spray tanning in Jakarta,
Thanks so much

(Miree) Hi Sharon, Thank you for your email - you can find the tanning services in

Lifespa Fitness
Hotel Sultan Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto
Jakarta 12190, Indonesia
Center Manager - Mr. Lourensa J.A Kailuhu
Phone (62-21) 570-3600 ext. 3404/3405
Fax (62-21) 251-4021
Gold's Gym Menteng Huis
Menteng Huis Lt. 2
Jl. Cikini Raya 2 – 4 Jakarta, 10330 Ph. (021) 3983.1855
Fax (021) 3983.1858

Finding work in Jakarta

(Barry) Hi Miree,I would like to come and work in Jakarta.I have a good background in international banking software and would ideally like to work as a consultant. Who do you suggest I approach to find out if there are any jobs available?Thanks and regards,

(Miree) Hi Barry, I would like to suggest you to contact and send your curricullum Vitae to below companies;

1. PT JAC Indonesia
+6221 315 9504
Rino Bukit / Shashi G. Mulani

2. JDA- Harsono
+6221 759 04835
Ms. Suri / Sangkala Wondal

3. Bina Sumber Sarana
+6221 718 1111
Ms. Terry

4 Global Sarana Sukses
+6221 780 3652
Ms. Riana

5 PT. JobsDB Indonesia
+6221 5367 8888
+6221 5688 6992

6Vidya Artha Tama
+6221 801 1736
Lilis Letari

7.PT. Trinet Pacific International
+6221 515 3268 /69
Diah Mayang Putri

8. A&E Recruitment
Shagti Christi

Monday, June 2, 2008

Some questions about Living in Jakarta ...

(Miree) Hi Miree,How are you? What happened to you website? I couldn't access it for the past few days. First of all, I wanted to thank you for the leads on Robert's Furniture and the Kemang Travel Agency, both of which I had the pleasure of dealing with. Also, I was wondering if you have answers to my questions re Jakarta stuff:
1. Would you know of a good but inexpensive carpenter who can do simplecarpentry work/repairs around the house?
2. I have a glass door from the living room leading to the garden and would like to add a screen door to allow the air in. Would you know ofa good but inexpensive supplier who can do this? I had it quoted before and they gave me a very expensive quotation of Rp220M!
3. Would you know of a cabinet supplier who can add a plywood or MDF cabinet under the stairs?
4. Would you know of a good supplier who can make upholstered furniture?
5. Lastly, is there a reputable/legit masseuse/reflexologist who can go to my house for home service? I tried surfing the net for this and the results that came out are the shady services. Help! Many thanks!

(Miree) Hi Mireille, Great to hear that the furniture hunting succeed! Am doing great and currently visiting my family in New Zealand. I am sorry about unaccessable - sometimes network down for maintenance... not sure ;)
Well here are the answer for your questions ;

For items 1-3, we (Santa Fe) have a Property Management Division whichincludes handymen that can assist with this sort of work. If you like us to arrange for a quotation please call Nofa at our office (021 7892033).
Upholstered - try Arbor & Troy Expensive but very good quality.
Massage - you can call my regular Bu Partini - she is very good and been doing this for 20 years. Her rates for 2 hours is 150,000nett but she dont speak English though - maybe you ask someone to talk with you ;-) her number is 08164811140 or you can try this link Goodluck!