Monday, July 16, 2007

Indonesian Food Cooking Classes

(Ian Fleetwood)I am a keen cook here in Australian and am now retired. I have been travelling a bit recently and do cooking classes wherever I go....I just love it. I love Indonesian food and am wondering if you know of any home style cooking classes that teach Indonesian cooking in Jakarta?
I am looking at doing 2 possibly 3 day classes and prefer learning one on on. Whilst it is typically a little more expensive this way I find that it is more rewarding as you get to learn what you want do rather than a fixed dishes menu. However if this is all that is available in Jakarta then I would go with this without any problem.
I am struggling to find with my net searches any suitable solutions and am hoping that you being on the ground there you might know or can find some cooking classes there.
Appreciate that fact that you make yourself available at least to be able to ask the question, I hope to hear from you.

(Miree) Dear Ian,
Thank you for visiting!
Regular Indonesian food cooking classes are held at
Jakarta International Community Center
Jl. Kemang Dalam IX No M6 Jakarta 12730 Tel: 0062-21-71793035 email :
For futher information you can contact directly to Ms.Endang.
Happy cooking!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


(Mara) My grand daughter is coming to visit from London in July . She is only
seven but a very keen gymnast. She trains normally 3 times a week. She
needs bars to do handstands, wall bars beams vaults etc.
Do you know anywhere she can do this in Jakarta?
Hoping you can help.

(Miree) To my knowledge, the only venue in Jakarta offering complete gymnastic facilities is the Jakarta International School. Feel free to contact them to enquire about access to their facilities -

Jakarta International School
Pondok Indah Campus
Jl. Duta Indah III
Pondok Indah

(62-21) 769-2555
Best wishes!