Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tailor for large size

(Téhany) Hello again Miree, I have an urgent request from two ladies who are in Jakarta only today and tomorrow. They are looking for a tailor to make large to X-large clothes for Australian women. They already have been to many places without finding anything... Could you help please? Thank you so much

(Miree) Hi Tehany, normaly is quite difficult to get a tailor to make up clothing in just two days, but even more so now as most local tailors will be very busy making new outfits for the Idul Fitri celebration at the beginning of October. This is their busiest time. Have you thought of taking your friends to Animale in Kemang Raya as they stock, but if more flowing type clothing and trousers with elastic waistes etc.... If I think of anywhere else will let you know. Good luck

Where to get hygienic tampons

(Téhany) Hi Miree,Thank you for your tips about salsa! I actually thought the Salsa Club had already closed....And after the brazilian waxing, another very feminine inquiry: would you know where in Jakarta (even where in Indonesia?) I could find.... hygienic tampons?!
Thank you in advance for your answer!

(Miree) Hi Tehany, you can purchase Tampax from the apotek in Hero Kemang, Ranch Market Buncit, Pondok Indah, Grand Lucky and Kemchicks. Happy searching, cheers

Where to buy Labrador and cat?

(Aga) Hi Miree,I'm just starting my "Jakarta adventure". I arrived last week. I found your blog very useful. Thank you for doing that!!!My husband and I are planning to buy a dog and maybe a cat here. I know there is many homeless cats everywhere but I would prefer some pet with documents etc. Could you tell me if there is any trustworthy place in Jakarta to buy a labrador and cat? Also, do you perhaps know any good vets who could help us to take care of our pets?I would really appreciate your help with these issues.Thank you very much

(Miree) Hi Aga, Groovy Pets would be a good place to start, as many breeders go their to get vaccinations done, so they would probably be more knowlegeable in where you could acquire information for Labradore breeders etc. Address: Jl. Kemang Raya No.44. Phone: 021 7179-2158, 719-7704. E-mail: groovy@rad.net.id / web: groovy.co.id Have a good day

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ice Hockey Clubs in Jakarta

(Maya) Dear Miree, Is there any Ice Hockey Team or Clubs in Jakarta? If yes, could you giveme details about it? Thank you in advanced

(Miree) Hi Maya, Sky Rink in Mall Taman Angggrek have the only ice skating rink inJakarta and they advertise private or group skating lessons, hockey &figure skating. Phone number is: 02 564-2888, website:skyrinkjakarta.com. Regards

Monday, August 4, 2008

Finding new home

(Halden) Hello Miree, My name is Halden, I've been living in Jakarta for almost a year now and time is approaching to find a new home. I'm wondering if you or any ofyour collegues are available over the next few weeks to assist? I am working in Kemang, and would prefer to move closer to work. If you'reavailable, I can provide you with more specifics when we talk. Thanks

(Miree) Hi Halden, thank you for your email - will ring you shortly. Cheers, Miree

Salsa Club in Jakarta

(Tehany) Hello Miree, I found your website by seeking information about pubic waxing and I read the answer you made to a lady about the same topic. http://askmiree-whatsnewjakarta.blogspot.com/2008/05/will-anyone-perform-dreaded-bikini-wax.html
Is the first address in Jakarta, and does the second one also perform Brazilian waxing?

Second thing, I have been looking for places to dance salsa for the two months 1/2 that I've been in Jakarta now, but most of the websites arfe not> updated at all... I finally found out the Grand Canyon Café, are there any other places that you know where I can go and dance salsa? If so, you would> be my angel... :)) Thank you very much

(Miree) Dear Tehany, thank you for your email.
Yes the first address is in Jakarta and yes Stip & Browhaus perform brazillian wax ;-)
For Salsa - please try to contact;
The W9 Club

Jl. Wijaya IX No.21 Jakarta 12160
Email: info@the-w9club.comTel: 62 21 720 8213

Salsa Club
Kemang Raya No.12
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 12 (ex Waroeng Kemang), Jakarta Selatan
Description Price: Rp 50.000-100.000,
Live Music: Band, Free Salsa,
Dance Class: Sun 7-8pm & Wed 6-7pm.
Dance performance: Fri-Sat at 10pm.
Dance Course Classes: Tue-Sat in the afternoon & evening.
Telepon 7195556 Fax. (021) 7195542
Happy dancing!

Casa de la Pareja Studio - Call +62817 660 5808. Full profile at www.casadelapareja.com.