Monday, May 12, 2008

Will anyone perform a dreaded bikini wax?

(Amy) Hi Miree, Great website, even for those of us living outside the city. I'm a pretty new arrival, and I can't find anyone in my little town who will perform bikini waxes. Now, I don't particularily enjoy the procedure either, but, what's a gal to do for an upcoming trip to the beach? Dare I ask if you know any salons who will perform a brazilian wax? And what about laser hair removal services, are there any you can recommend? What areas in Jakarta would these businesses be in? I'm not having much luck finding any of these businesses online. Thanks very much for your help!

(Miree) Dear Amy, I would like to recommended you to try ;
Brazilian Waxing - Caramel Salon at Pondok Indah (Fitria retails)

ctc person: Tari - 0811858060 (she is the expert - always request for her service)
And about Laser Hair Removal services - please contact or go to :

Senayan City Mall Lower Ground Floor, L-101
Tel: +62 21 72781489/ 86Fax: +62 21 72781489/ 86
anggunelokATgmailDOTcom and
Goodluck ;)