Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tailor for large size

(Téhany) Hello again Miree, I have an urgent request from two ladies who are in Jakarta only today and tomorrow. They are looking for a tailor to make large to X-large clothes for Australian women. They already have been to many places without finding anything... Could you help please? Thank you so much

(Miree) Hi Tehany, normaly is quite difficult to get a tailor to make up clothing in just two days, but even more so now as most local tailors will be very busy making new outfits for the Idul Fitri celebration at the beginning of October. This is their busiest time. Have you thought of taking your friends to Animale in Kemang Raya as they stock, but if more flowing type clothing and trousers with elastic waistes etc.... If I think of anywhere else will let you know. Good luck