Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Looking for bed safety rail

(Louise) Hi Miree, I was looking at the What's new in Jakarta (and the other web site) to find a place where I can post an advertisement for something I am looking for, used or new. There might be also stores in the city that have the item I want.
My 2 year old daughter is about to move out of her crib to go to a 'big' bed. I don't want her to fall off it so I am looking for those rails type of little fence that you put on the side of her bed to prevent her to fall. Would you know by any chance where I can find those in town? and also is there a web site somewhere where I can post an ad like that to find used stuff?
Thank you for your help!

Dear Louise, you can try to check at Ace hardware or custom made with carpenters along Kemang Timur street and also I am cc this email to Deisy Wong dwong(AT)whatsnewjakarta(DOT)com whose is the webmaster of What's New Jakarta. She send out newsletter over 18,000 email addresses every week and she is happy to help you to distribute your needs for free.
Currently What's New Jakarta on re-designing progress and they will add a lot of features to complete the information for Jakartan. Best Regards, Miree

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Where to buy kitchenware?

(Lynn) Your blog is great and very helpful for people relocating to Jakarta. I have a question about buying household stuff - I'm moving from Singapore and wondering if I should just ship kitchenware (pots/pans/wine glasses/silverware/baking pans etc) from here or buy them in Jakarta. Where are some good places to get these things? I have seen some ceramic shops along Jl Fatmawati - are those any good for plates/cups etc? Thanks

(Miree) Hi Lynn, there is an abundance of kitchenware available in Jakarta with a range of different prices & quality. The ceramic places in Jl Fatmawati are good for basic sturdy everyday ware and ACE Hardware stores have a variety of different types of kitchen & cookware, the malls, Matahari stores etc… also offer these items. Happy searching, regards.