Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Where to promote our rent house for expatriates?

(Michael and Lela Brady) Dear Miree, We own a home in Jakarta, which we rent out to expatriate families. The house will be vacant later this year, so we will be looking for newrenters. Can you recommend electronic forums or listings sites where we can advertize the home? Thanks

(Miree) Dear Michael and Lela,Thanks for your email. Santa Fe provides home search services tohundreds of expatriate clients each year and we would be happy to addyour proprty to our database. We also will be launching a new propertywebsite in a few months - and which will be targetted towardsexpatriates. Just contact me mnew(AT)santaferelo(DOT)co(DOT)id directly so we canarrange for an inspection of the property, taking photo's etc. Best regards

Where is good place to live in Cikarang?

(David) Hi Miree,I am an Australian and my wife is Chinese Malaysian and I'm looking at a job in Cikarang and I want to know where is a good place to live. If I take the job we will likely stay for three years. My Wife may or may not work so I'd like there to be interesting things for her to do if she isn't working. As for me I don't want to spend too many hours commuting to and from the office. I'd like to live in a house with a yard and a pool as well (my company will be footing the bill). Can you give me any ideas on where to start looking. I am hoping they will let us fly there prior to taking the job to check it out and I'd like toknow where to look first. My wife and I like to shop and to eat out etc aswell. Hoping you can give me a starting point? Also there don't really seem to beany decent online maps of Jakarta and surrounding areas. Do you know of anyweb sites with something good? Thanks

(Miree) Hi David, Cikarang is in West Java, outside the Jakarta boundary and is approx. 2 hours drive from Jakarta's Central Business District. I was informed that because of the large industrial area in Cikarang, there are several housing areas there including an area where expatriates reside. I am not familiar with this area, so am putting it out to our readers to see if anyone can shed some more light on Cikarangs housing areas and standard of housing there. I will also ask some of our Home earch consultants in Santa Fe's Homesearch Dept to do some research for you as well. In regards to maps here are two websites which may be of help - www.cybermap.co.id & www.mapsjakarta.com . Regards

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Next Furniture Expo at JCC?

(Fairly)Dear Miree, Your information in WNJ is very useful. If anyone reads through the whole blogsthere is a lot of information there to be gatherd.
My question is : when will be the next Furniture Exhibition held in JCC. I havea couple of friends who are interested in furniture and the best time would beto coincide with this event.
thanks a million, best regards.

(Miree) Hi Fairly, Thank you for your compliments and support!
The next furniture Expo is ; 28 June 2008 - 6 July 2008 Jakarta Furniture Fair Produk: FurnitureBertempat di: JCC Exhibition Hall A + B
Organize by : • Misty Total Media, PT.
You also can find the whole EXPO schedule IN Indonesia at
http://www.jcc.co.id/ and http://dekranasda-kotacirebon.web.id/berita-dibuang-sayang/jadwal-pameran-dagang-dalam-negeri.php Cheers,Miree

Monday, April 14, 2008

Good Feedback ;-)

(Mike) Hi miree,Just saw ur site and read a few questions posted.. Wow!!!> U r good!!! Well done. This is my 8th year in JKT, yet, still dunno that much. Hehe...Enjoy!

(Miree) Hi Mike, thanks for the compliment and great to get the feedback, butcan't take all the credit as is definitely a team effort. Keep onchecking the site and if you need any information ' Just Ask Miree '.Have a great week, regards, Miree.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Javana Spa still open?

(Wendy) Hi Miree, How are you? I'm afraid that once again I need your help. I've been trying to get in touch with a Javana Spa at www.javanaspa.co.id but, nobody's replied to any of my online enquiries. I even tried calling them on 21-7198327/28 but, it says that the number is incorrect. Would you by any chance know if this Javana Spa is still in business please? It says that it has an office at Plaza Bisnis Kemang II but we can't check whether this is true, being outside of Jakarta. If it is, what is the phone number? Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks and kind regards.

(Miree) Hi Wendy,Thank you for your email again ;-). I just past their office few days ago and they are still open plus the confirm info from my girlfriend a loyal customer of Javana Spa. Maybe there something wrong in their phone network. Kemang area a little funny network lately. I would suggest you go to their office directly or drop an email at javana(at)javanaspa(dot)co(dot)id
Plaza Bisnis Kemang II
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 2 Jakarta 12730, INDONESIA
Telp. 62-21-719-8327 / 28Fax. 62-21-719 5555

Ps. btw, have u ever go to javana spa at cidahu (sukabumi)? i'ts very recommended :) Tips : for lower price, usually i buy voucher at travel tour :)
Recomended by Vinie

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Meditation class / course ?

(Andi) Hi Miree, I'm looking for a meditation class / course. Do you know where I can find aplace that offers such courses? Shall I try at some Buddhist temple inChinatown?

(Miree) Hi Andi, Thank you for your email. Meditation classes so far I only know these 2 contacts below. Please visit their website and see wich one more suitable for you.

Jakarta Do Yoga
3rd floor Jl. Sunda no.7 Menteng

Ekayana Buddhist CentreVihara Ekayana Graha Jln. Mangga II No. 8L-M-N-0Kel. Duri Kepa, Tanjung Duren Barat, Jakarta Barat 11510Tel: (021) 5687921-22, Fax: 5687921

Tradition: Buddhayana Email: dharmavimalabhikkhu@usa.net

Will let you know if I found more info regarding this. Have a nice day!

Good travel agent?

(Mireille) Hi Miree! I've been living in Jakarta for over one month now and I'm so glad Istumbled into your website! My family will be visiting next month and Iwould like to take them to Borobudur and other nearby places. Would you beable to recommend a good travel agency that specializes in local travelpackages? Hopefully with affordable packages as my husband and I would liketo take the opportunity to explore the place with them.Thanks.

(Miree) Hi Mireille, Please try my regular travel agent KemTravel. They are pretty good and speaks english. You can mention my name because they know me pretty well there. ;-)

Theresia Sinulingga
Phone 021 7884 6874
Hp. 0818 668 498

Let me know if you need more contacts. Cheers.