Tuesday, September 23, 2008


(Glenys) Hi Miree, My name is Glenys and I think we met before I left Jakarta 5 years ago. I had lived there for 7 years and ran the NewZealand ladies lunch group at the time. I am hoping that as you are in relocations, as I dabbled in myself, you may know of some new expat household positions available for my wonderful housekeeper, Asih. I was recently up in Jakarta very briefly and had time to track down and catch up with my old maid Asih. She has just had another baby, 2 months oldbut is keen to get a new position. She is so capable , her english is very good, she reads also in English which is something we, as a family helped her with. She Cooks amazingly and follows recipes from englishrecipe books. She has worked for expats for approx 14 years and she wasjust like my P.A when she worked for us. She can handle dinner parties with ease (and finesse) she is very responsible and intuitive to expat family situations. Asih is extremely discreet and faultlessly trustworthy and reliable,certainly traits not always common in staff!. I am just sorry for her that her last employers didn't think to facilitate her more when they returned to Norway and left her hanging without any sort of deadline to work with and was consequequently left without a job to go to when they left. She has since had her second baby and is now more than ready to recommence work.She is far to good a maid to be wasted and wants to work in Kemang,Pondok Indah, Cilandak area, (she lives in Fatmawati, her husband is still doing security at Palm Mansions in Cilandak where we used tolive.) I can highly recommend Asih for a general housekeeper's role butshe would prefer not to live in as she has 2 children.She worked for usa total of 7 years from the first day we arrived, until Peter (myhusband) left. In fact Asih was so devoted to our family and children,she was prepared to follow back to New Zealand and work 6 month stints which we disuaded her from due to the climate and cultural differences.We have kept in touch and I have kept up our friendship since ourreturn. I would feel much happier if I knew she had a good position with pay commenserate to her skills and experience. In my view she is well worth 2 million per month. I hope there may be a chance you can help Asih.
Her contact phone number is - 0813 111 87764

(Miree) Hi Glenys, nice to hear from you and great you have found my blog. There are several new familes coming in currently, so will pass Asih's mobile number onto them. I am sure if she is as good as you say she will find aposition in no time and maybe my readers may have someone they can passher number onto as well, as good staff with english are hard to find.All the best, Miree.