Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bus Route and Map in Jakarta ?

(Wilhelmina) Hi Miree, My husband and me like to travel around by public transport. There is obviously an extensive network of buses throughout the city and the surrounding villages, but so far we have not been able to find out which bus goes were. Where do we get this information? And are there maps available of the existing bus routes? We have also been looking for a good map of Jakarta, but so far we have only been able to find maps without any reference to street names etc. And since taxi drivers do not always know where things are, we would like to have a map that actually gives references to locations. To give you but one example: it took us an hour and a half and 2 taxis to get to the Gedung Kesenian because neither taxi driver knew where it was. We look forward to hearing from you.

(Miree) Hi Wilhelmina, You can find most bus route troughout the city and the surrounding villages by contact travel agents. Mostly they will have packages to offers.You can try to contact :
PT Kemang Nusantara Travel
Jl. Benda No. 23 A Cilandak Timur, Jakarta Selatan 12560 Indonesia
Phone (62 21) 788-46874
Fax (62-21) 782-7858
Ps. They speak English.

And the best map directory of Jakarta is "Jabotek"distributed by PT Java Books Indonesia, which can be purchased in hardcopy or CD-rom from any major book store such as Gramedia, Periplus or Aksara Kemang.The next best thing to find your way around Jakarta is to purchase a GPSsystem - the maps for Jakarta are getting better and better all the timeand a lot of people are succesfully using GPS systems in Jakarta. Theseare small units and are easy to take in a taxi with you. You can obtaina GPS system at Best Regards

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Best Ballet Place in Jakarta?

(Esti) Hi Miree, My Daughter turn 3 years old this coming June, and she has passion for Ballet. Can you recommend the best ballet place in Jakarta for children her age? I heard Sumber Cipta Ballet is a good school, but I got no luck finding their contact detail. Always wrong number. Thanks!

(Miree) Hi Esti,How are you - heard the twin coming soon! Congratulations! I found the correct Sumber Cipta Ballet for you - I have checked the number and it works ;)
Sumber Cipta Ballet
Address: Jl Ciputat Raya No 1 Pondok Pinang
Phone: 765 9467
Information: Ballet lessons for kids and women.
Good luck and let me know if you need further helps. Cheers

Best to buy Silverware in Jakarta?

(Daniel) Dear Miree , sorry to bother you...just wondering where is the best place to shop for silverware in Jakarta ? Any help much appreciated . Many thanks

(Miree) Hi Daniel,Thank you for your email - you can find best Silverware in Pasaraya Blok M. I often go there myself ;) Let me know if you need further assistances. Regards

Monday, May 19, 2008


(Dave) Hi Miree, Here is a interesting one for you. I am trying to find if possible, LARD here in Jakarta or at least a good alternative to it with similar taste. I need it to make pastry for pies (home made ones).Regards

(Miree) Hi Dave, Thank you for your interesting question ;)
You can find Lard in Ranch Market at Jl. Mampang prapatan or Gourmet Garage at Jl. Kemang Raya. (Used to be Barbados restaurant).
Goodluck and Cheers!

French Film Festival in Jakarta?

(Liz) Hi Miree, In 2007 there was a fantastic French Film Festival in Jakarta - I am wondering if there is going to be another one this year 2008 or have I already missed it.

(Miree) Hi Liz,Thank you for you email. Am sorry to say that you already missed the 12th French film festival held onApril 14-22. For future information you can always visit under art &music events page or I will also keep you posted if I heard any updates in future. ;)Have a great week!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Where to find gorgeous western women to date in Jakarta?

(Withheld) Hi Miree, Enjoy your blog, just a quick question.
I'm a 47-year-old Australian male and I've been in Jakarta for 10 months now and I'd love to find a gorgeous western woman to date. They are pretty thin on the ground. Where are they all hiding? I have absolutely no interest in the locals.

(Miree) Jakarta is certainly not a usual posting destination for single expatriate women - and normally the only place you will find them is atthe International Schools. Typically the main places you will find them having after-school drinks is at Satu Lagi bar at Hotel Kristal - or at De Hooi at Pondok Indah. Happy hunting!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Will anyone perform a dreaded bikini wax?

(Amy) Hi Miree, Great website, even for those of us living outside the city. I'm a pretty new arrival, and I can't find anyone in my little town who will perform bikini waxes. Now, I don't particularily enjoy the procedure either, but, what's a gal to do for an upcoming trip to the beach? Dare I ask if you know any salons who will perform a brazilian wax? And what about laser hair removal services, are there any you can recommend? What areas in Jakarta would these businesses be in? I'm not having much luck finding any of these businesses online. Thanks very much for your help!

(Miree) Dear Amy, I would like to recommended you to try ;
Brazilian Waxing - Caramel Salon at Pondok Indah (Fitria retails)

ctc person: Tari - 0811858060 (she is the expert - always request for her service)
And about Laser Hair Removal services - please contact or go to :

Senayan City Mall Lower Ground Floor, L-101
Tel: +62 21 72781489/ 86Fax: +62 21 72781489/ 86
anggunelokATgmailDOTcom and
Goodluck ;)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hernia specialist in Jakarta?

(Patrick) Hello Miree, I always enjoy reading your blog. It really gives good info about life here in Jakarta. So I hope you can help me. I developed a hernia and need surgery. Basically it is nothing special, but still I would like to know if there is a specialist in Jakarta having the latest training and experience. Hope you have some information for me.
Thanks a lot in advance and best regards.

(Miree) Hi Patrick, glad you enjoy my blog and hope you continue to do so in thefuture. Could you please call my mobile 0811153824, so I can give you the number of a medical doctor that I have just spoken to that you can call who might be able to point you in the right direction of a good specialist. Regards.