Thursday, April 26, 2007

Assessories or Fabrics

Ladies, if you are looking for assessories or fabrics for any up-coming functions Pasar Mayestik, Jl Tebah, Kebayoran Baru, has an abundance of shops that caters for those needs eg. feather boas, beeds and braiding for gowns etc.. and "Fancy Textile" has fabrics for all occasions at good prices and english speaking assistants.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Japanese Shiatzu Massage?

(Michael - 10 April 2007) I have been diagnosed as having severe osteoporosis, and that I would benefit from Japanese Shiatzu massage. Where can I find such a massage center, please?

(Miree) Gran Wjaya center (Melawai) famous as little Tokyo town in Jakarta, popular with the shiatsu massage too!

Large-outdoor size chess pieces?

(Karn - 10 April 2007) Where in Jakarta could one find Chess pieces? Not just the regular size ones, I am talking about the big pieces that you can use outside for parties etc.
Thank you in advance.

(Miree) I have been told that there is a person in Yogjakarta who makes the large size chess pieces, however you can arrange to purchase them and to see samples from the following companies locally -

Sugema (SG)
Jl Ring Road/Let. Jend. TB Simatupang Sebrang Pam
Jakarta Selatan
Ctc: Nana Sutisna
HP 0812 1989673

SIP Gallery Antique
Jl Kemang Raya 126
Jakarta Seletan
Ctc: Djom
Tel: 021-71792637

Don't forget to invite me over for a chess game once you are set up!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cork & Screw Wine Lounge?

(Karen - 10 April 2007) Have heard of a new bar called "Cork and Screw", supposed to be excellent. Do you have any idea of the address?

(Miree) VIN+ (Kemang) & partners have indeed recently set-up their latest wine lounge in Kuningan. Early reports from friends of mine are very favourable - a classy decorated lounge environment with excellent value wines and the food is prepared by Koi and includes an extensive range of Asian and Western dishes. This is definately on my must-visit-soon list so I might bump into you there! Cork & Screw, Wisma Kodel Ground Floor, Jl. Rasuna Said Tel. 021 529 02030

Blogsites for other places in Asia?

(Angela - 10 April 2007) Although I know your specialty is in Jakarta, I was wondering if you know of any helpful blogs similar to your kind of set-up in that onecan ask questions about anything and everything, except that itspecializes in the areas of Singapore or Hong Kong or even SouthKorea?I am looking to move to one of the above places and could not find anyguidance. I am looking more on the side of apartments (on a budget)as it will be my first time moving out to Asia.Well, I appreciate your time.

(Miree) Actually the website has some good blog question sites for most countries in Asia, not Indonesia though :-), and is a good place to post questions that you have for the countries you mentioned. Hope this site can help you.

Good restaurants with Indonesian food to entertain overseas guests?

(Randy R - 10April 2007) What good restaurants would you recommend to entertain official guests visiting from overseas?Many of them tend to be first-timers to Indonesia and would therefore like to try out local fare.

(Miree) There couple places i like to use to entertain my own client , which is -
Lara Jonggrang: Indonesian cuisine, beautiful decor, special ambience. Reservations recommended. Jalan Teuku Cik Di Tiro 4, Menteng. Phone: 315 3252, 316 0288.
Dapur Babah: Imaginative interior design, Chinese-Javanese cuisine. The restaurant boasts authentic recipes from the cross-cultural marriages of Chinese immigrants and native Javanese women during colonial era. Open daily 11 am to 10 pm. Jalan Veteran I No. 18-19. Phone 385 5653.
Pondok Laguna: The modest surroundings are more than compensated for by some of the best Indonesian food in town. Specializes in Sundanese delicacies from West Java. No reservations taken, but the place is huge. Mid-range prices. Jalan Batu Tulis Raya 45. Phone 359 994.Hope this help you....

Diplomatic Clause?

(John - 28 March 2007) What is a diplomatic clause?

(Miree) : A diplomatic Clause is a Clause in the Lease Agreement that allows early termination of a lease and pre-paid rent to be returned to the Lessee.In Indonesia this clause is not of common practice and even Diplomats have difficulty getting this clause agreed to by the Landlords/Developers.More commonly used in Indonesia is a Sub-Lease Clause in the Lease Agreement.

Renovation On Rented Apartment?

(Josh - 30 March 2007) Can I make changes in my apartment which is rented i.e. renovations etc?

(Miree) : The Tenant is not advised to make any major alterations, renovations or additions whatsoever to the interior or exterior of the property without the prior consent from the Landlord / Owner / developer. Although the placement of Paintings, Mirrors, Wall Hangings, Artifacts & Flat Screen Television fixtures etc… are usually acceptable.

Baby Sitters?

( Chandroo - 5 April 2007) Can I have few contacts of agent address for Baby sisters? Thanks

(Miree) : I haven't heard of anywhere that has available baby sitters on call.Try JICC (Jakarta Internation Community Center). They have listings of household staff and you may be able find a part-time Nanny/Baby Sitter thereContact JICC at ... 021 71793035

A"Look See Trip" need?

(Bill - 27 March 2007) What do my wife and I need when we come for a ‘look see trip’ before I accept the job?

Miree : Before you come to Indonesia for a ‘look see trip’ you need to check if the Passport you are holding will allow you to pick up a 30 Day Tourist Visa on arrival. If Country of Passport you are holding cannot get a Visa on arrival you will need to apply for one from the Indonesian Embassy in the Country you are residing in.

New Hire Requirment

( Rob - 10 April 2007) As a new hire what do I require?

(Miree ) : As a new hire you will require a Resident & Working Permit ( KITAS ) which is valid for 12 months. Processing time is approx. 6 to 10 weeks).