Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where to buy Labrador and cat?

(Aga) Hi Miree,I'm just starting my "Jakarta adventure". I arrived last week. I found your blog very useful. Thank you for doing that!!!My husband and I are planning to buy a dog and maybe a cat here. I know there is many homeless cats everywhere but I would prefer some pet with documents etc. Could you tell me if there is any trustworthy place in Jakarta to buy a labrador and cat? Also, do you perhaps know any good vets who could help us to take care of our pets?I would really appreciate your help with these issues.Thank you very much

(Miree) Hi Aga, Groovy Pets would be a good place to start, as many breeders go their to get vaccinations done, so they would probably be more knowlegeable in where you could acquire information for Labradore breeders etc. Address: Jl. Kemang Raya No.44. Phone: 021 7179-2158, 719-7704. E-mail: groovy@rad.net.id / web: groovy.co.id Have a good day