Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jakarta - Telecom Consultant...

(Steen) Dear Miree!I am to put a cost on a all inclusive job role in Jakarta with a ChineseTelecom Vendor Company.Before, it was common to quote only the salary one expected, as thecompanies would add Accommodation, Travel to and from location, LocalTransports, etc. but nowadays its more and more common that the companies asof the consultant to quote he rate as an all inclusive rate.Since I came over you WEB page I decided to take the liberty to ask of you afew recommendations.For local transport should one rent car? Should one have a driver? Or shouldone use Taxies?For accommodation (I will initial be on my own, but I might bring wife andson as well at a later stage) can one use the services hotel suites I seen?Or - what would you recommend?What is the typical monthly spending for an expat who is:A) AloneB) With family Shall and expat pay tax on income? If then how much?Any additional input and recommendations will be highly appreciated.Warm regards.

(Miree) Hi Steen,In this case I think a phone call may be in order as there is a lot ofinformation you are looking for, and as this is within my line of workit may be better if I talk to you directly. My mobile number is:0811153824.Regards.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dying to eat a Souvlaki...

(Adrian) Hi Miree, My wife is dying to eat a Souvlaki, we are Australian and she is desperate, and I need the brownie points. Can't seem to find anywhere...

(Miree) Hi Adrian,Your brownie points are on their way.... 'Maroush restaurant' in the CrownePlaza Hotel have Souvlaki on their menue. Also if you venture to Bali you willfind Souvlaki at 'Mykonos' in Seminyak.Happy eating.

Where to get Trampolines?

(JenJen) Hi Miree, I try to get trampolines for my daughter christmas present and Ace hardware were just run out stock. Do you know whereelse I can get trampolines?

(Miree) Hi Jen, here some WNJ readers suggested to;
- Mark : To answer the question on Trampolines, we bought ours from Ace Hardware Plaza Pasa raya . They had selection from 10ft, 12ft and 14 ft with the option of having the surround. No idea if they still stock.
- Gerry : the cheap china made ones available in Pasar pagi, Kota area in northjakartathe good one is available at toys r us or its like
- Also heard its available in Ace hardware in pasaraya !