Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lab For Develop Film

(Jill) Hi Miree, How's things? hope you can help me out of a pickle here.
Do you know any photo lab that develops 110mm film?
This is alot smaller than the usual 35 mm and medium format 120mm films...
Really hope you have answers! Regards, J

(Miree) Hi Jill,

Our friend help us to answer your question below. ;-)
Good luck.

(Melbourne) Ooooh, 110 film may be a problem. There is a lab named Standar Photo Lab near Chinatown that may be worth trying. 021 630 2626
Melbourne - the Photographer
"For great photography in Jakarta.......come to Melbourne"!
Maria 0816976707
Melbourne 08158900054
Fax 021-7803428
For fastest response please contact us on our handphones.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Looking for a high quality lunch box

(Mina) Hi Miree, I am looking for a high quality lunch box in order to keep the food warm. My daughter goes to school and she can not eat cold food.Could you please help me to find it in jakarta?We live in Jl.puri casablanca,kuningan . Thank you in advance.

(Miree) Hi Mina, try Ace Hard Ware on Buncit Raya, am sure if anyone has them they will. Happy hunting!

Monday, October 26, 2009


(Dean) Hi Miree, I'm inquiring about getting some dental work done, 3 implants while i am in Jakarta with my wife and son. I have have had one quote and it was very expensive as i am yet to do some hunting around on this one and wondering if you knew any dentists for me.

(Miree) Hi Dean, implant & crown work here is expensive. I know of several friends here that went to Bangkok, as worked out cheaper even with an airfare & accommodation included. You could enquire with Dr Marissa the Global Doctors Dentist in Kemang Raya, as she may be able to recommend someone good and reasonably priced if she doesn’t do this type of work herself. Regards, Miree

Jl. Kemang Raya 87 Jakarta Selatan - INDONESIA
Tel +6221 7194565 Fax +6221 7198969

Jewelry Repair

(Rebekah) Good Afternoon Miree, I'm wondering if you can help with a question regarding jewelry repair. I bought a brand-new necklace the other day, and just as I was putting it on the clasp broke. Is there anywhere in Jakarta that would be able to do some jewelry repair work? I thought maybe someone in the local malls, ambassador, etc. but I don't know where to start looking.

(Miree) Hi Rebekah, Plaza Melawai in Blok M have several small jewelry stores on the ground floor that will mend all sorts of jewelry, watches etc…. and prices are very good. Regards, Miree

Reputable Dealerships

(Michelle) Hi Miree, I'm an expat who is preparing to return home after 2 years living in Jakarta. I originally bought my car through a private sale, and I'm looking for some reputable dealerships in order to sell my car before I depart. Do you have any suggestions? Cheers

(Miree) Hi Michelle, Please try to put an ads in KOMPAS newspaper.
You will get very fast response from there but better you get assistance from local friend. Make sure you receive the payment before you give the car away and make the buyer come to you. Good luck

English Native Teacher

(Bismarka) Dear Miree, I stumbled upon your blog and was amazed on the various questions people have asked you and how you could answer them! I'm and Indonesian father who're looking for an English native speaker private tutor for my children who are attending grade 4 and grade 7 at an IB international school. Can you help me where can I get the information? Thanks much

Need helpDear Bismarka,Thank you for your email. You can try to contact Barry sibschool@yahoo.com from http://www.sibschool.com/ or Angela 0818905891 - she teach English and French.
Good luck! Miree

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Special permits?

(Yenti) Hi Miree, I accidentally stumbled your blog and found it very helpful. Thank
you I had just moved from Montreal to Jakarta. I used to work as a pastry chef in an Italian Restaurant. I am thinking about being a private chef for locals and expats. I am just wondering if there is a special permit needed for this. Thank you

(Miree) Hi Yenti, non Indonesian citizens by Indonesian law have to have a KITAS ( 12 month resident & work permit) to work here. You would need to find a restaurant that would be prepared to sponsor you for a work permit. Good luck in finding something, regards, Miree.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Events in Jakarta

(Aileen) Hi Miree, This inquiry isn’t for an expat. I am a travel agent specializing in Indonesia and Asia and I have clients who will be in Jakarta the evening of 04 Oct and full day and evening of 05Oct. They are wondering whether there are any cultural events scheduled for these days – arts/craft/music or special Museum event. Do you know of anything or what would you suggest they do for this time. Many thanks

(Miree) can suggest you to check the upcoming events in www.WhatsNewJakarta.com

This website on a daily basis to ensure that you will always see the most up to date information on what is happening in Jakarta - social; business; charity; sporting; arts and musical events and listings of restaurants; cafes; bars and clubs etc. Goodluck!

Good travel agency

(Ayse Gul) Dear Miree, I fly frequently to visit family and friends.Internet is not always the best source for cheap and flexible flights/schedules/booking changes.Do you know of any friendly and efficient travel agency, which is good for flights between Jakarta and to New York and Jakarta and Europe. Thank you for your kind help.

Dear Ayse,
Please contact Debby, it happen good friend of ours and WhatsNewJakarta.com partner too. She is good in finding great deal!

Her contact details are;

Debby Ho



Tamani Cafe 1st Floor

Jl. Melawai Raya No.189, Jakarta 12160

Phone: 62-21-7233205

Fax : 62-21-7233052

Mobile: 0815-9702977

E-mail Add: debby@ciu-jts.co.id

Web: www.ciu-jts.co.id

Good luck!


Monday, September 28, 2009

Ceiling fans

(Sharon) Hi Miree....Could you please help me....We are building a new house here in Jakarta and we are after stainless steel ceiling fans....would you be able to help with some information for us thanks so much for your time. Thanks

(Miree) Hi Sharon,please try ACE Hardware on Buncit Raya where Ranch Market is located. Happy searching, Miree.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Query regarding KITAS

(Apoorva) Hi,I have lost my KITAS. Can you please let me know the process for getting s duplicate. Thanks and Regards.

(Miree) Hi Apoorva, first thing you need to do is to report it to the police station, then you will need to get your office to help or find a vendor to get a duplicate made for you, but who ever you use will need a copy of the report for the authorities. Process for a duplicate, timing & cost is similar to getting an original KITAS. The police don't speak English very well so better come with someone speak both language. Regards.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Where to buy second hand golf clubs?

(Jenny) Hi Miree, I was wondering if you knew any places in Jakarta that sell second hand golf clubs? Alternatively, are there any websites, or newspapers which I might access to help my search. Many thanks

(Miree) Hi Jenny, most of pro-shops at the driving ranges also sell 2nd hand clubs. Suggest you visit some of the driving ranges i.e. Cilandak next to Cilandak Commercial Estate KKO or Prestasi driving range in BEJ circle.

Or you can always check WhatsNewJakarta Grage Sale's page. Goodluck!

Where to buy second hand golf clubs?

(Jenny)Hi Miree, I was wondering if you knew any places in Jakarta that sell second hand golf clubs? Alternatively, are there any websites, or newspapers which I might access to help my search. Many thanks

(Miree) Hi Jenny, most of pro-shops at the driving ranges also sell 2nd hand clubs. Suggest you visit some of the driving ranges i.e. Cilandak next to Cilandak Commercial Estate KKO or Prestasi driving range in BEJ circle. Or you can always check WhatsNewJakarta Garage Sale's page Goodluck!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Private Tutor

(Lyana) I stumbled upon your blog by accident. What a great blog and very helpful too.
I'm Indonesian and a true Jakartan but I think you actually beat my knowledge of Jakarta!

My name is Lyana and I'm 26 years old. I am currently also self employed as tutor for maths and English and other subjects. My students are usually expat children in national/international schools also college students who wants to prepare in TOEFL/IBT.

Well, I guess this is all for now. I hope you have a good day. Keep up the good work with your blog! Regards personal_ly@yahoo.com

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wedding Band

(Monique) Hi Miree, Can you suggest if there is any non-Indonesian wedding singer, preferably American/ European/ Australian who sing jazz/ swing jazz and can perform for a wedding in Jakarta? Appreciate any insight! Thanks!

(Miree) Hi Monique, I do know of a non-Indonesian singer here in Jakarta that does Weddings. Steve’s Mobile number is: 08881725577 & e-mail address is: dundercoverofsoul@yahoo.com. Best Regards.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Need Details Info of Tango Festival 2009

(Brian) Dear Miree, I have heard that this Tango Festival is to be held this weekend in Jakarta. Do you know where and at what time? I have tried to contact Maria Lukita who is the Chairperson for Latin American Dancing and Tango Indonesia, but have recieved no reply.
If you can't find anything on this, do you know where I can go for refresher Tango dancing lessons. Thanks in advance for your kind assistance, Cheers

(Miree) Dear Brian, Please find the detail event as per follow and attach the flier:

Present: A blazing trail of passion and seduction

Welcome Milonga
28th May 09 at 8pm
Venue : Grand Canyon Cafe
Casual Elegant welcome drink

Show & Milonga
29th May 09 at 7pm
Venue : Club only one
Elegant buffet dinner

Farewell Milonga
31th May 09 at 8pm
Venue : Nine muses club
casual elegant buffet dinner

For inquiries call 08123839423

You can also find more tango events in http://www.tangojakarta.com/ or in www.whatsnewjakarta.com Art & musics page.

Happy Tango!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Curious about the Scottish Fest

(Ulfa) Hello, Miree! How d'ya do? First of all, I'm glad to have found your address after a rigorous search in the net about Jakarta Highland Gathering 2009's schedule which I haven't been able to find so far. Anyway, I'm Ulfa residing in Jakarta Selatan and a university student majoring English Letters. I'd love to come to and participate in any cultural events held by any international communities in Jakarta in order to improve my English speaking ability.^_^. and, of course, to get more friends and broaden my horizon about other cultures. The thing is that I often miss such events cause I don't have any reliable sources to inform me about the international agenda going around here, like the Jakarta Highland Gathering 2009. I heard that it would be held on Sunday, May 24, 2009, but it's still not confirmed yet. So, would you please help me getting information on that and other events? Thank you for your big help. Warm regards, Ulfa

(Miree) Dear Ulfa, please visit www.WhatsNewJakarta.com to find all English speaking upcoming events. About Highland Gathering 2009 - last time we heard it still being postponed. Happy networking! Cheers, Miree

Monday, April 20, 2009

Looking for maths tutor

Hi Miree
I am a student at BIS and I am in my first year of IB. I am looking for a maths tutor but finding hard to get anyone because of the exams coming up soon. It would be great if you could give me the details of any that you know. Thanks!

(Miree) Hi Hannah, call Alistair on 08129920062, if he can't help tutor you himself he may know of someone else that can as he has many contacts in that area. Hope you find someone soon, Miree.

Friday, April 17, 2009

AC services and Lighting Store

(Lynn) Hi Miree, I have two questions and hope you can help me out?
1) Would you be able to recommend a company that does air-conditioner servicing for a reasonable fee (cleaning of filters etc)?
2) Where are some good places to buy ceiling lights? I saw a shop at JalanRadio Dalam but is there an area with lighting shops that I can go to? Thanks

(Miree) Hi Lynn, in answer to your first question I do know of a very goodcompany that service AC's, and there rates are very reasonable, as wellas the manager speaks fluent English which is a big bonus. ContactTeddy on his mobile: 0811 888 4970. In regards to your second question,JL Fatmawati has a number of good lighting stores which stock a largerange of lighting & prices are also very reasonable. Happy shopping.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

India Cuisine Restaurant Listing

(Boy) Hi Miree, Do you have the address of an India Cuisine Restaurant in Jakarta ?> Thanks for your information.

Please find all the listing of India Cuisine Restaurant in here http://www.whatsnewjakarta.com/web2/event/GuideDetail.php?cboGroup=8&subGroup=6

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Javana Spa New Contact

Couple days ago, I got email from someone looking Javana Spa contact, so here are the details;
Javana Spa New Office in Plaza Bisnis Kemang II Jl. Kemang Raya - Jakarta 12730 Indonesia
Phone. +6221 719 8327 Fax. +6221 719 5555
Destination Spa Cangkuang Cidahu Sukabumi - West Java

Arts & culture events in Jakarta

(Arif) Hi Miree, after nearly 11 years living in the US, I am returning to Jakarta soon for work. For starters, I'd really like to attend events like classical music concerts, jazz concerts, foreign embassy events, museum exhibits, etc. What's the best way to find out about these things? Also, what are some interesting places to go to/things to do during the day? I know this is a very general question, but basically I don't want to do things other than go to the malls, watch movies, or eat.Your help is much appreciated.Best,Arif

Dear Arif, Thank your for your email. For check upcoming events in Jakarta - you simply visit www.WhatsNewJakarta.com, this website covers all type events and listing to fullfil expatriates living in Jakarta and you can also subcribe to their weekly newsletter about upcoming events in info@whatsnewjakarta.com.
Happy surfing! Cheers,Miree

Looking for Companion for my Dog

(John) Hi Miree, I am looking for a companion for my dog who spends all day alone. I am loathe to go out and buy a new dog because I am sure that there are many expats who are leaving the country and cant face putting their pet through a long and elaborate quarantine process to their next destination. Do you know how I can best go about finding a nice family pet who has to stay on in Indonesia and would make a great companion for my 2 year old Beagle. Many thanks

(Miree) Hi John, try this website - http://jakartaanimalaid.com/blog/about-jaan/ , as they have a lot of dogs given to them by expats who can’t or don’t want to take their dogs with them when they leave Indonesia. The woman’s associations also post notices for members, but unless you are a member you won’t get the info. If I hear of anyone that has a four legged family member they want placed will let you know. Good luck in finding a friend for Dougal, Cheers, Miree.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Scam order by online

(Sharon) Hi Miree, You many not be able to help me but I am trying to buy beauty equipment from some companies that register with alibaba. they are Marubat Kulit in jakarta and Winance Karya Group at orchid point blok no.9 also Pt heatlh for live...at bandung..There are many scams in indonesia and I dont have any one living over there to ask . There must be honest companies there but it is hard to check out on the internet. I would really really appreciate any advise thanking you sharon

(Miree) Hi Sharon, yes I can see your dilemma. I would first of all find a couple of reputable contacts in Jakarta and approach them to see if they have know of the companies below and get some feedback. Good luck, Miree.

Information on Jakarta Cosplay Stores

(Nadira) Hi, Miree :D I'm Nadira, a student and a permenant resident in Malaysia. I'm currently seeking for young Uchiha Itachi and Sasuke anime costumes from Naruto in Jakarta, since my father will be going there somewhere in April this year. And so, I was hoping that you could give me some information about the stores that hold the said costumes in Jakarta. I hope it won't be much of a trouble.Anyway, thank you for your attention for reading this e-mail. And I truly appreciate any kind of help. Thank you once again! Sincerely.

(Miree) Hi Nadira, you can order online trough this http://www.cosplay1.com/

or contact ; http://www.sunqist.com/
Jl. Tubagus Angke RayaKomplek Ruko Warga Jaya No. 6DF
Jelambar - 11460 West Jakarta - Indonesia
Phone : +6221-5676176Mobile : 62-81319928283

Email : wie_widy@yahoo.com
YM : widy_wiewie


Monday, March 16, 2009

Where to buy bean bag

(Mara) Dear Miree, Could you tell me if its possible to buy a bean bag in Jakarta, the sort of thing you sit and slouch around on.Thank you in anticipation.

(Miree) Hi Mara, haven't seen many around Jakarta, but do know that Bed'n'Bathin the Hero Kemang shopping complex have some really cute bean bags covered in fake fur, colors available are pink, black & cream. The only other places I would suggest that you look in would be in the more modern type furniture & accessory shops. Happy searching.

(Jim Shon)

( Lesley) Good Morning, This week I am expecting a new delivery of my fluffy bean bag chairs. Last order of the beige caramel colour (pic attached) sold out in the first week. If you would like one (I also will have medium toffee brown and dark chocolate brown - pics also attached) they are wholesale prices for my friends. Rp 520 000 without beans (easy to take home as gifts!) and Rp 650 000 with beans. And I will deliver directly to your door with or without beans! Please forward to any friends who may be interested. I also have full stock of the gingham and suede bags, toy and book boxes and the gorgeous fluffy throw rugs. GordonLelbys - 08561182540

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Drawing Classes in Jakarta

(Lee) You helped me out with maid's salary before and I have another request. Do you know any good life drawing classes in Jakarta? I seem to remember seeing a name Teguh Ostenrik linked to such classes but can not find any details. I would also be interested in normal Drawing & Painting classes ,Many thanks & Kind regards.

(Miree) Hi Lee,You can try to contact :
Mitra Hadiprana First floor
Jl. Kemang Raya no.30
Jakarta Selatan 12730
tel. 021 722 1023, 719 4715
Fax. 021 7194713
They have couple classes and pretty well manage.
Jl. Irian No. 4, Menteng
Jakarta Pusat 10350
Tel no. : (021) 3224 3340


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tatto in Jakarta

(Lizzie)hey miree,i was wondering if you knew of any places to get cheap but clean tattoos, i live in Pondok Indah so as near to that as possible would help. At the moment I know of Buyung Tattoo Studio in kemang but im not sure if its any good.
Any places in mind?thanks

(Miree) Hi, only one have had good feedback from in Jakarta is " Express Tattoo"in Kemang satu Number 72 in front of X-Splash. A bit of advice though for anywhere you are getting permanent tattoos done, always make sure they use new needles and watch them take them out of the sterile packs. Also ask for new paint pots and check that tattooist wears gloves. Cheers, Miree.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dance classes

(Dominique) Dear Miree, Could you tell me where my husband and I could learn how to dance waltz, tango and others ballroom dances . It could be in a "club " or a private teacher . Many thanks .

(Miree) Dear Dominique,Thank you for you email. I had answered this question before - you can find theanswer at this link http://askmiree-whatsnewjakarta.blogspot.com/search?q=danceHappy dancing! Cheers,Miree

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Looking for bed safety rail

(Louise) Hi Miree, I was looking at the What's new in Jakarta (and the other web site) to find a place where I can post an advertisement for something I am looking for, used or new. There might be also stores in the city that have the item I want.
My 2 year old daughter is about to move out of her crib to go to a 'big' bed. I don't want her to fall off it so I am looking for those rails type of little fence that you put on the side of her bed to prevent her to fall. Would you know by any chance where I can find those in town? and also is there a web site somewhere where I can post an ad like that to find used stuff?
Thank you for your help!

Dear Louise, you can try to check at Ace hardware or custom made with carpenters along Kemang Timur street and also I am cc this email to Deisy Wong dwong(AT)whatsnewjakarta(DOT)com whose is the webmaster of What's New Jakarta. She send out newsletter over 18,000 email addresses every week and she is happy to help you to distribute your needs for free.
Currently What's New Jakarta on re-designing progress and they will add a lot of features to complete the information for Jakartan. Best Regards, Miree

Get WNJ Newsletter by subcribe your email address at info(AT)whatsnewjakarta(DOT)com

Where to buy kitchenware?

(Lynn) Your blog is great and very helpful for people relocating to Jakarta. I have a question about buying household stuff - I'm moving from Singapore and wondering if I should just ship kitchenware (pots/pans/wine glasses/silverware/baking pans etc) from here or buy them in Jakarta. Where are some good places to get these things? I have seen some ceramic shops along Jl Fatmawati - are those any good for plates/cups etc? Thanks

(Miree) Hi Lynn, there is an abundance of kitchenware available in Jakarta with a range of different prices & quality. The ceramic places in Jl Fatmawati are good for basic sturdy everyday ware and ACE Hardware stores have a variety of different types of kitchen & cookware, the malls, Matahari stores etc… also offer these items. Happy searching, regards.