Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Intan Row

(Ella) Hi,
I would like to knew where to find row intan and how to buy and transport?

(Miree) Dear Ella,
Not sure I could help you on this but you can try to visit some upcoming bazaar events : you can visit http://www.whatsnewjakarta.com/web3/event/EventList.php?cboGroup=27
maybe from these events you can find the source.
Or visit http://opalstoneruby.com/?p=56
Cheers, Miree

Holiday Getaway From Jakarta

(Maria) Hi, Miree. I've just found out about your awesome blog!

Since you seem to know a lot about everything, you may be able to help me. My mother in law is coming from Brazil for Christmas and my husband and I would like to make a trip somewhere close to Jakarta (could be by plane) with her and our son who is 5 months old.
We've been living here for only a month and we don't have a clue where to go. We would love to spend some quite time at a beach, but we need an affordable baby friendly place. Do you have any tip? Thank you.

(Miree) Dear Maria,
Apologize for took me awhile to reply your questions.
Travelling with baby and your mother... I would suggest you to visit WhatsNewJakarta.com on their holiday getaway - normally they listed few recomendations.
I would suggest you to go :
Without plane : Pelabuhan Ratu or Anyer
With plane : Yogyakarta, Lombok or Bali.

Thanksgiving and Veterinary Clinic

( Sonia ) Hi Miree, My husband and I, with our young dog, relocated to Jakarta in early October. We have been living between Jakarta and Puncak for 1 month, we spend most time in Puncak due to the climate. I would like to have someone cater our Thanksgiving Dinner to our home in Jakarta. Back in the States, I always cook the complete meal myself. Here, I don't have the kitchen nor the equipment to do that. I came across a contact from your 2008 blog about Thanksgiving Dinner....
Mary Ann Wiley
The Upper Crust
Sekolah Duta I, No. 15-A Pondok Indah Jakarta
765-4476 , 0818-168-710
Is this contact still good?
Also will you please tell me more places to do American grocery besides Kem Chicks, Ranch Market and Carrefour. I am an avid cook and baker so would like to know more places that sell ingredients for cooking and baking. Also do you know of a good veterinary Clinic in Jakarta?
Thank you beforehand and I have added your blog in to my favorite.

( Miree ) Dear Sonia,

You can check Thanksgiving listing in WhatsNewJakarta.com - http://www.whatsnewjakarta.com/web3/event/EventList.php?cboGroup=65 or contact Mary Ann Wiley.

You can contact http://www.groovy.co.id about veterinary clinics.

Unfortunately, I couldn't suggest more about the supermarket but will keep you update!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Renting Tuxedos

Hi Miree , i have to congratulate you for the insightfulness of your site. I do have alot of clients who arent aware that we rent out tuxedos for various events.

Could you perhaps add this information to your site.

Laxmi Tailors
Kemang raya no 6d
Jakarta selatan
Tel 7198789 or 0811987111

Tips For Garage Sale

(Jesmin) Hi Miree,
I am leaving Jakarta soon. Need to sale many items especially electronics and household. Kindly send me some tips where to start. Is there any Yayasan or orphanges where I can donate some of these items? I need a yayasan who will collect those from my house. Thanks!

(Miree) Dear Jesmin,
You can submit your garage sale by email to info@whatsnewjakarta.com , they will submit into their listing for free

and mary.a.wiley@gmail.com - she is American lady that running homemade catering for years and get quite a big database, normally she send out email with full of garage sale listing.