Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shirts for men

(Eduardo) Hi Miree, Do you have any recomendations for a good shirt taylor for men in Jakarta, I normally pay up to 50 USD for a shirt in HK. I tried posting the question on your blog but could not get my way around. Thanks for the help.

(Miree) Dear Eduardo, for top quality business shirts, Laxmi Taylor in Kemang Raya No.6D, ph:719-8789 would be the pick of the bunch. Shirts dependingon material are priced between Rp700,000 - Rp900,000 each.
Another one would be New Gentleman Tailor in Jl Melawai IX No.8, owner Pak Eddie speaks English & prices are good, ph:739-5140, also you could try Melawai Tailor in Jl Melawai IV No.45, ph:739-6743.
To posting questions just simply send me an email at anytime. Regards.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Catering for Thanksgiving Dinner

(Sisca) Dear Miree, Do you know a place where I can cater for the Thanksgiving dinner which can deliver turkey, apple pie, etc? :) Thanks much!

(Miree) Hi Sisca, you can contact my friend Mary Ann Wiley. She is normally send out newsletter for the catering offers.
Mary Ann Wiley
The Upper Crust
Sekolah Duta I, No. 15-A Pondok Indah Jakarta 765-4476 0818-168-710
This is her latest newsletter -
12-lb. Turkey = Rp 420,000
17-lb. Turkey = Rp 595,000
If you would rather have The Upper Crust bake the turkey, we'll be happy to do that!
12-lb. Baked Turkey with Stuffing & Gravy * Rp 700,00017-lb.
Baked Turkey with Stuffing & Gravy * Rp 1,000,000,-
Another option:
We will prepare your entire Thanksgiving Dinner!
Absolutely NO stress for you!Rp 120,000 per servingor Dinner For Four PeopleRp 480,000 Our famous Traditional Thanksgiving Feast! Turkey, StuffingMashed Potatoes, GravyCranberry SauceGreen Beans AmandineCreamed CornSweet PotatoesDinner RollsApple Pie or Pumpkin Pie For the Ham Lovers:
Baked Ham with Pineapple & Cherry SauceScalloped PotatoesGreen Beans Amandine Creamed CornDinner RollsApple Pie or Pumpkin Pie. Place your order today!
Push Reply, give your address, phone number, and time you would like delivery.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Furnitures and hiking shoes

(Cecile) Hi Miree, thankyou for the good feedback on the blog site. First, thank you for this blog where I have found lots of informations Ineeded since we arrived in Jakarta (2 months ago). The website is excellent! But I still have 2 questions :- we are looking for a sofa-bed; where do you think we can find one ? I have visited different places but didn't find one.Is there a shop that look likes ikea (design and good prices) ?We would like to find nice lamps for living room as well but cheap ones. And shops i went too are expensive (1.7 million rp for a lamp!) I know we have to bargain but I am not very good at it yet... but learning
- we are looking for good hiking shoes to climb mountains and dotrekking in NZ for christmas. We could wait to be there but I am afraidof the pain because of new shoes so want to try it first... Do you know some specialised shops ?
Many thanks in advance.

(Miree) Hi Cecile, For a sofa bed have you been into Arbor & Troy, as they have a nice range of furniture, you could also take a drive down Ciputat Raya asthere is an abundance of furniture stores there, is one of my favourite areas. For lamps, there are a lot of shops around, Blok A in Fatmawati has a lot of lighting shops and that stock a lot of different styles and their prices are very reasonable. Last but not least, Hiking Shoes, try Rhino Outdoor on Jl Fatmawati, Ph: 021 -65-3280 / 766-4454 alsoTimberland which you will find in the high end shopping plaza's. Enjoyyour Kiwi adventure, regards.

Butter milk

(Michael) Dear Miree, do you have any idea where in Jakarta I could buy BUTTERMILK? ( I would like to prepare one of my favourite dishes from my grandma which requires buttermilk, but I haven't been able to find any in Jakarta so far.

(Miree) Hi Michael, I can't recall seeing it anywhere, but I would start looking in places like Caswells, Gourmet Garage, Kemchicks & the Ranch Markets or anywhere else that stocks American Products. Happy searching. Regards.

A question about birthday party

(Mina) Hi miree,Thank you for your useful blog. I am looking for kids birthday party goodie bags and decorations.We live in Jl.puricasablanca, kuningan. Chould you please Help me to find them?regards

(Miree) Hi Mina, Supermarkets like Ranch Market , Grand Lucky in Sudirman have a selection of party hats, balloons, lollie bage etc... another one that has a pretty good selection is the Hero Supermarket in Kemang, plus some of the larger shopping centers like Sogo & Metro. But if you are looking for something a bit more special contact Lani at Balloon World, Ph:7590-5980, e-mail:, they are located in Cipete, theymake Pinata's to theme of the party and fill them with litle toys andsweets etc... Lots of fun for the Kids, also the 'Lolly Pop Man', who makes beautiful Lolly Pop's as you watch, he is located in Kebayoran Baru, Ph: 726-5977. Cheers