Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jakarta - Telecom Consultant...

(Steen) Dear Miree!I am to put a cost on a all inclusive job role in Jakarta with a ChineseTelecom Vendor Company.Before, it was common to quote only the salary one expected, as thecompanies would add Accommodation, Travel to and from location, LocalTransports, etc. but nowadays its more and more common that the companies asof the consultant to quote he rate as an all inclusive rate.Since I came over you WEB page I decided to take the liberty to ask of you afew recommendations.For local transport should one rent car? Should one have a driver? Or shouldone use Taxies?For accommodation (I will initial be on my own, but I might bring wife andson as well at a later stage) can one use the services hotel suites I seen?Or - what would you recommend?What is the typical monthly spending for an expat who is:A) AloneB) With family Shall and expat pay tax on income? If then how much?Any additional input and recommendations will be highly appreciated.Warm regards.

(Miree) Hi Steen,In this case I think a phone call may be in order as there is a lot ofinformation you are looking for, and as this is within my line of workit may be better if I talk to you directly. My mobile number is:0811153824.Regards.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dying to eat a Souvlaki...

(Adrian) Hi Miree, My wife is dying to eat a Souvlaki, we are Australian and she is desperate, and I need the brownie points. Can't seem to find anywhere...

(Miree) Hi Adrian,Your brownie points are on their way.... 'Maroush restaurant' in the CrownePlaza Hotel have Souvlaki on their menue. Also if you venture to Bali you willfind Souvlaki at 'Mykonos' in Seminyak.Happy eating.

Where to get Trampolines?

(JenJen) Hi Miree, I try to get trampolines for my daughter christmas present and Ace hardware were just run out stock. Do you know whereelse I can get trampolines?

(Miree) Hi Jen, here some WNJ readers suggested to;
- Mark : To answer the question on Trampolines, we bought ours from Ace Hardware Plaza Pasa raya . They had selection from 10ft, 12ft and 14 ft with the option of having the surround. No idea if they still stock.
- Gerry : the cheap china made ones available in Pasar pagi, Kota area in northjakartathe good one is available at toys r us or its like
- Also heard its available in Ace hardware in pasaraya !

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bahasa Indonesia Tutor

(Scott) Hi Miree,I am an Australian living in Jakarta. I am wondering if you would be able to point in the right direction to find a Bahasa Indonesian tutor. Ideally the tutor could come to my office but if necessary I may be able to join scheduled
classes depending on the time they are held. Thank you very much

(Miree) Hi Scott, You can contact SIB School with Barry / Fransiska at 021 - 6888 8246 and . Please go to this link for more information They have course and also private tutor.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jakarta costume stores

(Jason Moran) Hi! Having a hard time finding costume stores in Jakarta (for Halloween). I hear there are rental locations? And how about actually costume sales? geez, if there are only a few stores, i assume its the same costumes being worn every year!?!!
BTW, i saw your recent post on your blog. my wife currently supports ICAC as a US-certified marriage and family therapist. she is the only native indonesian therapist there, and speaks fluent bahasa and english, so she is the go-to therapist for mixed couples.

(Miree) Hi Jason, Kemchicks in Kemang Raya still have a few costumes & accessories for sale, was in there yesterday. Also you can find in Kemang Utara B30 "The Custome Closet" They pretty reasonable price. Thank you for the information regarding your wife, really appreciate it and good information for our readers. Good luck in finding non re-cycled Halloween Costumes and have a good Hallows Eve!
Costume rent :

"The Custome Closet"
Kemang Utara B30

From contributor;
1. SAMAR Costume: Jl. Cikatomas II NO. 9 (nr Senopati Blok S), KebayoranBaru, 725 1361
2. RIZAL Costume: Jl. Haji Pentul II no.22, Radio Dalam, ph.722 2865
3. Flex Points: Jl Fatmawati No.15 (nr Blok A, next to Pertamina), 72796425.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Learning Support, please help

(Ruth)Hi,We are moving from Singapore in 2 weeks to Jakarta. We are using Santa Fe to pack and move us, so I dare say I may meet you along the line. My elder son has very slight dsylexia. Is there any place for extra learning support in Jakarta. He presently goes to a brilliant place here in Singapore. They told me I would have to fly back to singapore for help. I don’t believe this to be true. The school that he and his brother will go too: does have learning support, which I hope will help. My husband and I have driven past a place called Jolly Phonic s in Kemang. However when I google it I could find nothing!

(Miree) Dear Please Help,
Below are a couple of contacts that may be able to assist or shed some light on where you may be able to seek assistance. In regards to Jolly Phonic in Kemang, I have not been able to source any information for you. The Learning Support Group A support group for parents and children with special needs. At the moment their are 150 participants, including therapists from different fields .Provides information and networking.

Anita Kendrick is happy to answer any questions. 08129530448
ICAC The ICAC Counselling Department provides a professional counselling service to the expatriate community in Jakarta.There phone number is: 021 718 0010 & website:, Sara and Micheal are the two expatriate counsellors based there and would be the best ones to speak to and if they can't assist they may be aer source.
I hope the information above helps.

And Further to my response to your enquiries, below are the contact details of a Developmental & Behavioural Specialist, based in Singapore, and who also holds consultations in Jakarta.
Roby Marcou, M.D.Developmental and Behavioural marcou_rosebeth@rafflesmedical.com65-9233-9321 (Singapore cell)65-6311-2020(Appointments/Singapore)65-6311-2330Clinic/Singapore)62-81-184-5014 (Indonesia cell) 301-346-5182 (US cell)
For booking of appointments: Dedicated phone line: 65-6311-2020 or email to AND to Have a great day, BR, Miree.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Things to do in and around Jakarta on Idul Fitri Weekend

(Steve) Hi Miree, I have only been in Jakarta a couple of months so I am still getting thefeel for the place. My parents are coming to visit for 3 day from the14th till the 16th of October and I would like to show them around. Ihave been told that that is a very bad time to visit Jakarta becauseeverything is closed but unfortunately they were fixed with their dates.What will Jakarta be like over the Idul Fitri weekend? Can you recommendany attractions around Jakarta that I show my parents. I have heard you can do a day trip to Krakatau, take a boat out to theisland, climb the volcano, do some snorkeling etc. Do you know if thiswould be possible to do on either the 14th or 15th October and if so howcould I organise it? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

(Miree) Hi Steve,Thanks for your email. Yes, Jakarta all but shuts down over Idul Fitri, which this year is falling 12-16 October. It is the best time to actually get behind the wheel and drive around Jakarta - however many expats choose to take the opportunity to escape somewhere and do some travelling (also existance here without a maid or driver also forces many people to escape!). Anyway here are some options for you -

Anyer - Pelabuhan Ratu : Easy to get to (though leave early - or very late - if you can to escape traffic). Getting a tour to Krakatau should not be a problem either - I can suggest you have a look in this blog

Bali is alway a good option but be warned during this peak holiday period, flights and hotel room prices escalate dramatically!

Hope this helps and I hope you parents enjoy their Indonesian experiance here!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Looking for Intership

(Laura Deetman) Dear Miree,I am an Asian Business student from the Netherlands and I just finished myexchange period at UPH in Jakarta. I am currently still living in Jakartaand looking for an internship. (preferably in marketing)I have had contact with several Indonesian companies, but so far nothingyet.So my question is if you know any people i can contact (by myself or by you)for an internship in Jakarta?Thank you for your help.

(Miree)Hi Laura,Thanks for your email and nice to hear from you!I have 2 suggestions for you.(1) Send your details and your interest in doing an internship(preferably in marketing) to all the business chambers. These chambersnormally send out regular newsletters to their members - which coversmost of the multi-national companies in Jakarta. You can obtain thedetails of these chambers at under "Clubs &Associations".
(2) There is also a company in Indonesia that specifically findsinternships for young expats, mostly from the Netherlands - suggest youcontact Azzan Goeting at Junior Expat - I hope this helps you!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What an expat girl do there for fun?

(Shaima Faisal) Dear Miree,I hope you're doing well.
finding your site was a heaven sent..!! i'm going on a 6 month assignment in Jakarta starting sept 1st. I don't know anyone there, what can a single 28 year old arab/american girl do there for fun? is there a way i can meet other people in my age group to hang out with and help me get to know the place better. any tips ,advice and suggestions you can make is very much appreciated.thank you so much..oh did i menion it's my first time to go to jakarta? i didn't.. well it is.. so i'll need all the help you can give me. thank you again

(Miree) Dear Shaima,
Nice to hear from you! As you can see from - there are plenty of events to go to in Jakarta so you wont have to look far for places to go to meet people! This is what WNJ is intended for - to help bring people together. Actually most people find it much easier to meet new people in an expat environment like Jakarta compared to back home.
Keep an open mind that Jakarta will be unlike anything you have probably experienced before. Some things which are easy back home will be difficult here - and visa versa. Aside from the pollution and traffic of Jakarta, this place can be a wonderful experience. And Bali is only a short plane trip away if you need to get away for a weekend!
Feel free to ask any other questions you may have about Jakarta. Also feel free to contact me after you arrive so we can organise for you to meet some people.
Talk to you soon!
Best Regards

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Graphic Designer Job in Jakarta

(Daisy) Hi Miree, after living in the State for almost 10 years, I decided to come home to take care of my parents. The problem is that my boyfriend wants to come with me to Jakarta and look for a graphic design job. He's currently working for Bath and Body Works Inc. as internal graphic designer (a really nice job actually!). He really wants to know what options that Jakarta can offers him in relation to Graphic Design job and competitive salary for expat. Thanks!

(Miree) Hi Daisy, I have contacted my friend Shashi from JAC recruitment company in Jakarta regarding your matter and his response are ;
(Shashi) I will have to know how senior this guy is as the package completely depends on the experience and expertise. However, from my point of view, the Graphic Design demand is quite high now days as the industry itself is growing, but so far the request is on local employees. Our local people are becoming experts in this field nowdays.

Perhaps, we can help by promoting to our clients once we have his resume.
Hope this answers, Thanks.

Shashi Mulani (Mr.)
Executive Consultant
Skyline Building 19th Floor
Jl.MH Thamrin No.9 Jakarta 10340, Indonesia
Telp: 6221-3159504 / 06 ext.106
Fax: 6221- 3147785
Mobile: +62-817 822 733

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sugar Thermometer

(Dave) Hi Miree, I am trying to find a sugar thermometer here in Jakarta. Have tried a few places that seem to stock cooking stuff but can only find meat ones. Hope you can help?

(Miree) Hi Dave, Have you tried any of the Ace Hardware Stores? I have found a lot of unusual kitchen items in the Ace Hardware in Fatmawati in the past, so maybe it's worth a look.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Indonesian Food Cooking Classes

(Ian Fleetwood)I am a keen cook here in Australian and am now retired. I have been travelling a bit recently and do cooking classes wherever I go....I just love it. I love Indonesian food and am wondering if you know of any home style cooking classes that teach Indonesian cooking in Jakarta?
I am looking at doing 2 possibly 3 day classes and prefer learning one on on. Whilst it is typically a little more expensive this way I find that it is more rewarding as you get to learn what you want do rather than a fixed dishes menu. However if this is all that is available in Jakarta then I would go with this without any problem.
I am struggling to find with my net searches any suitable solutions and am hoping that you being on the ground there you might know or can find some cooking classes there.
Appreciate that fact that you make yourself available at least to be able to ask the question, I hope to hear from you.

(Miree) Dear Ian,
Thank you for visiting!
Regular Indonesian food cooking classes are held at
Jakarta International Community Center
Jl. Kemang Dalam IX No M6 Jakarta 12730 Tel: 0062-21-71793035 email :
For futher information you can contact directly to Ms.Endang.
Happy cooking!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


(Mara) My grand daughter is coming to visit from London in July . She is only
seven but a very keen gymnast. She trains normally 3 times a week. She
needs bars to do handstands, wall bars beams vaults etc.
Do you know anywhere she can do this in Jakarta?
Hoping you can help.

(Miree) To my knowledge, the only venue in Jakarta offering complete gymnastic facilities is the Jakarta International School. Feel free to contact them to enquire about access to their facilities -

Jakarta International School
Pondok Indah Campus
Jl. Duta Indah III
Pondok Indah

(62-21) 769-2555
Best wishes!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jakarta or Surabaya?

(Arnold) I am a 43 yr old active South African moving to Indonesia from China. I have a choice to live in Jakarta or Surabaya. I am in sales, so I do not go to an office.
My fiancé will be joining me at the end of the year.
I have spent a fews days in Kemang but find the constant traffic terrible. The fumes are bad.
I know it is an unfair question, but could you recommend other areas in Jakarta that would be more suitable for a bule or is Surbaya a better bet. I like city “action” but also sport, outdoors etc

(Miree) I assume from your email that you do not need to go to an office and can work at home?

Most expats in Jakarta choose to live either downtown (Menteng, Kuningan etc.) so as to be close to their offices. Others, usually families, choose locations further south (i.e. Kemang, Pondok Indah) which are closer to the international schools, a is easier to find large houses with back yards. However in these locations traffic and pollution are unavoidable. Others who choose to escape the city-area choose outside area's like Sentul or Karawaci or even Puncak. The air is not as polluted and traffic is better - it is just not that conveniant if you need to go to downtown Jakarta.
Surabaya is considered a nice city to live in, though the expat community is quite small and it is a little quiet.

Have you considered Bali as a potential location to live? Most of us would choose Bali if our career's allowed us to.

I hope this helps - however I am more than happy to help you further if need be. Don't hesitate to contact me again.

PS - And dont forget to ask Santa Fe to help you move from China!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Barbie Doll Factory Tour

(Sherry) A bunch of my friends and I want to go to the Barbie Doll factory for a tour. I know this is possible, but I have lost the contact name and #. Do you have an idea of who would have that information?
(Miree) Hi Sherry,
Yes you can organise tours directly with the Mattel factory -
PT Mattel Indonesia
Industri Utama, Blok SS kav 1-3
Kawasan Industry Cikarang Tahap 2
Tel: +62 21 893 4044 / 893 6580
I hope this information helps and that you enjoy your tour!

Tatler Magazine

(Bambang Priyono) Thanks for the inclusion of the Talisman Stampede Stomp night in the WNJ. That is great!
Now, I am looking for a link to another magazine called “Tatler” but I got all sorts of unrelated items when I tried the internet. I wonder if you know who/which organization runs this magazine so that I can be more focused with my search.
Thanks again! Have a great weekend!

(Miree) Hi Bambang,
You are most welcome!
You can contact the Tatler magazine office at :

PT. Dayakomunikasi Mandiri
Jl.K.H Wahid Hasyim 318, Menteng
jakarta 10350, Indonesia
telp : 021 315 1421

Director : Millie Stephanie

Good luck!

Monday, May 28, 2007

DJ for party?

(James) I’m looking for a DJ for my daughter’s birthday party (age 12). Do you have any suggestions?
(Miree) Hi James, Someone from our team will be in contact with you to assist organising this for you. They have organised many similar events and the rates are quite affordable.

Best wishes for your daughter's birthday party!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Maid and cook?

(Nuke Yudaningrat) One of our Expatriates needs to have Maid and cook. Do you know the agency’s contact number or person for this?

(Miree) JICC have a staff registry at their premises each week. Call them on 021 7179 3035 for the details.

Where to find Costume Made?

(Lily Van Helden) I need to have some star fish costumes made for my 3.5 years old daughter's & her class mate's year end graduation. Do you know which tailor I can go to & where? Not too expensive please....Thanking you so much in advance

(Miree) Try Wardi at Eka Busana, Jl.Pejaten Barat 11 No. 8c. Rt.004/08, Pasar Minggu. I have used him myself on several occasions for costumes for themed events I have attended. His pricing is low and has always done a very good job in the past, but you need to have a picture or pattern of what you want, give him plenty of time to make the garments and keep following up during the process as can be a bit slow.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Assessories or Fabrics

Ladies, if you are looking for assessories or fabrics for any up-coming functions Pasar Mayestik, Jl Tebah, Kebayoran Baru, has an abundance of shops that caters for those needs eg. feather boas, beeds and braiding for gowns etc.. and "Fancy Textile" has fabrics for all occasions at good prices and english speaking assistants.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Japanese Shiatzu Massage?

(Michael - 10 April 2007) I have been diagnosed as having severe osteoporosis, and that I would benefit from Japanese Shiatzu massage. Where can I find such a massage center, please?

(Miree) Gran Wjaya center (Melawai) famous as little Tokyo town in Jakarta, popular with the shiatsu massage too!

Large-outdoor size chess pieces?

(Karn - 10 April 2007) Where in Jakarta could one find Chess pieces? Not just the regular size ones, I am talking about the big pieces that you can use outside for parties etc.
Thank you in advance.

(Miree) I have been told that there is a person in Yogjakarta who makes the large size chess pieces, however you can arrange to purchase them and to see samples from the following companies locally -

Sugema (SG)
Jl Ring Road/Let. Jend. TB Simatupang Sebrang Pam
Jakarta Selatan
Ctc: Nana Sutisna
HP 0812 1989673

SIP Gallery Antique
Jl Kemang Raya 126
Jakarta Seletan
Ctc: Djom
Tel: 021-71792637

Don't forget to invite me over for a chess game once you are set up!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cork & Screw Wine Lounge?

(Karen - 10 April 2007) Have heard of a new bar called "Cork and Screw", supposed to be excellent. Do you have any idea of the address?

(Miree) VIN+ (Kemang) & partners have indeed recently set-up their latest wine lounge in Kuningan. Early reports from friends of mine are very favourable - a classy decorated lounge environment with excellent value wines and the food is prepared by Koi and includes an extensive range of Asian and Western dishes. This is definately on my must-visit-soon list so I might bump into you there! Cork & Screw, Wisma Kodel Ground Floor, Jl. Rasuna Said Tel. 021 529 02030

Blogsites for other places in Asia?

(Angela - 10 April 2007) Although I know your specialty is in Jakarta, I was wondering if you know of any helpful blogs similar to your kind of set-up in that onecan ask questions about anything and everything, except that itspecializes in the areas of Singapore or Hong Kong or even SouthKorea?I am looking to move to one of the above places and could not find anyguidance. I am looking more on the side of apartments (on a budget)as it will be my first time moving out to Asia.Well, I appreciate your time.

(Miree) Actually the website has some good blog question sites for most countries in Asia, not Indonesia though :-), and is a good place to post questions that you have for the countries you mentioned. Hope this site can help you.

Good restaurants with Indonesian food to entertain overseas guests?

(Randy R - 10April 2007) What good restaurants would you recommend to entertain official guests visiting from overseas?Many of them tend to be first-timers to Indonesia and would therefore like to try out local fare.

(Miree) There couple places i like to use to entertain my own client , which is -
Lara Jonggrang: Indonesian cuisine, beautiful decor, special ambience. Reservations recommended. Jalan Teuku Cik Di Tiro 4, Menteng. Phone: 315 3252, 316 0288.
Dapur Babah: Imaginative interior design, Chinese-Javanese cuisine. The restaurant boasts authentic recipes from the cross-cultural marriages of Chinese immigrants and native Javanese women during colonial era. Open daily 11 am to 10 pm. Jalan Veteran I No. 18-19. Phone 385 5653.
Pondok Laguna: The modest surroundings are more than compensated for by some of the best Indonesian food in town. Specializes in Sundanese delicacies from West Java. No reservations taken, but the place is huge. Mid-range prices. Jalan Batu Tulis Raya 45. Phone 359 994.Hope this help you....

Diplomatic Clause?

(John - 28 March 2007) What is a diplomatic clause?

(Miree) : A diplomatic Clause is a Clause in the Lease Agreement that allows early termination of a lease and pre-paid rent to be returned to the Lessee.In Indonesia this clause is not of common practice and even Diplomats have difficulty getting this clause agreed to by the Landlords/Developers.More commonly used in Indonesia is a Sub-Lease Clause in the Lease Agreement.

Renovation On Rented Apartment?

(Josh - 30 March 2007) Can I make changes in my apartment which is rented i.e. renovations etc?

(Miree) : The Tenant is not advised to make any major alterations, renovations or additions whatsoever to the interior or exterior of the property without the prior consent from the Landlord / Owner / developer. Although the placement of Paintings, Mirrors, Wall Hangings, Artifacts & Flat Screen Television fixtures etc… are usually acceptable.

Baby Sitters?

( Chandroo - 5 April 2007) Can I have few contacts of agent address for Baby sisters? Thanks

(Miree) : I haven't heard of anywhere that has available baby sitters on call.Try JICC (Jakarta Internation Community Center). They have listings of household staff and you may be able find a part-time Nanny/Baby Sitter thereContact JICC at ... 021 71793035

A"Look See Trip" need?

(Bill - 27 March 2007) What do my wife and I need when we come for a ‘look see trip’ before I accept the job?

Miree : Before you come to Indonesia for a ‘look see trip’ you need to check if the Passport you are holding will allow you to pick up a 30 Day Tourist Visa on arrival. If Country of Passport you are holding cannot get a Visa on arrival you will need to apply for one from the Indonesian Embassy in the Country you are residing in.

New Hire Requirment

( Rob - 10 April 2007) As a new hire what do I require?

(Miree ) : As a new hire you will require a Resident & Working Permit ( KITAS ) which is valid for 12 months. Processing time is approx. 6 to 10 weeks).

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Partner Visa?

(Wayne - 25 March 2007) What i need to bring my partner to stay with me at Jakarta?

Miree : A ‘partner’ will be required to obtain his/her own Permission of Stay / Valid Visa and cannot come into Indonesia as a dependent, or he/she can secure a job with an Indonesian company who will then apply for his / her Resident / Working Visa ( KITAS .
A partner who stays in INDONESIA as a visitor, cannot take any employment, establish a joint business or study as a student without Immigration approval