Monday, October 26, 2009


(Dean) Hi Miree, I'm inquiring about getting some dental work done, 3 implants while i am in Jakarta with my wife and son. I have have had one quote and it was very expensive as i am yet to do some hunting around on this one and wondering if you knew any dentists for me.

(Miree) Hi Dean, implant & crown work here is expensive. I know of several friends here that went to Bangkok, as worked out cheaper even with an airfare & accommodation included. You could enquire with Dr Marissa the Global Doctors Dentist in Kemang Raya, as she may be able to recommend someone good and reasonably priced if she doesn’t do this type of work herself. Regards, Miree

Jl. Kemang Raya 87 Jakarta Selatan - INDONESIA
Tel +6221 7194565 Fax +6221 7198969

Jewelry Repair

(Rebekah) Good Afternoon Miree, I'm wondering if you can help with a question regarding jewelry repair. I bought a brand-new necklace the other day, and just as I was putting it on the clasp broke. Is there anywhere in Jakarta that would be able to do some jewelry repair work? I thought maybe someone in the local malls, ambassador, etc. but I don't know where to start looking.

(Miree) Hi Rebekah, Plaza Melawai in Blok M have several small jewelry stores on the ground floor that will mend all sorts of jewelry, watches etc…. and prices are very good. Regards, Miree

Reputable Dealerships

(Michelle) Hi Miree, I'm an expat who is preparing to return home after 2 years living in Jakarta. I originally bought my car through a private sale, and I'm looking for some reputable dealerships in order to sell my car before I depart. Do you have any suggestions? Cheers

(Miree) Hi Michelle, Please try to put an ads in KOMPAS newspaper.
You will get very fast response from there but better you get assistance from local friend. Make sure you receive the payment before you give the car away and make the buyer come to you. Good luck

English Native Teacher

(Bismarka) Dear Miree, I stumbled upon your blog and was amazed on the various questions people have asked you and how you could answer them! I'm and Indonesian father who're looking for an English native speaker private tutor for my children who are attending grade 4 and grade 7 at an IB international school. Can you help me where can I get the information? Thanks much

Need helpDear Bismarka,Thank you for your email. You can try to contact Barry from or Angela 0818905891 - she teach English and French.
Good luck! Miree

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Special permits?

(Yenti) Hi Miree, I accidentally stumbled your blog and found it very helpful. Thank
you I had just moved from Montreal to Jakarta. I used to work as a pastry chef in an Italian Restaurant. I am thinking about being a private chef for locals and expats. I am just wondering if there is a special permit needed for this. Thank you

(Miree) Hi Yenti, non Indonesian citizens by Indonesian law have to have a KITAS ( 12 month resident & work permit) to work here. You would need to find a restaurant that would be prepared to sponsor you for a work permit. Good luck in finding something, regards, Miree.