Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What an expat girl do there for fun?

(Shaima Faisal) Dear Miree,I hope you're doing well.
finding your site was a heaven sent..!! i'm going on a 6 month assignment in Jakarta starting sept 1st. I don't know anyone there, what can a single 28 year old arab/american girl do there for fun? is there a way i can meet other people in my age group to hang out with and help me get to know the place better. any tips ,advice and suggestions you can make is very much appreciated.thank you so much..oh did i menion it's my first time to go to jakarta? i didn't.. well it is.. so i'll need all the help you can give me. thank you again

(Miree) Dear Shaima,
Nice to hear from you! As you can see from - there are plenty of events to go to in Jakarta so you wont have to look far for places to go to meet people! This is what WNJ is intended for - to help bring people together. Actually most people find it much easier to meet new people in an expat environment like Jakarta compared to back home.
Keep an open mind that Jakarta will be unlike anything you have probably experienced before. Some things which are easy back home will be difficult here - and visa versa. Aside from the pollution and traffic of Jakarta, this place can be a wonderful experience. And Bali is only a short plane trip away if you need to get away for a weekend!
Feel free to ask any other questions you may have about Jakarta. Also feel free to contact me after you arrive so we can organise for you to meet some people.
Talk to you soon!
Best Regards