Friday, September 21, 2007

Looking for Intership

(Laura Deetman) Dear Miree,I am an Asian Business student from the Netherlands and I just finished myexchange period at UPH in Jakarta. I am currently still living in Jakartaand looking for an internship. (preferably in marketing)I have had contact with several Indonesian companies, but so far nothingyet.So my question is if you know any people i can contact (by myself or by you)for an internship in Jakarta?Thank you for your help.

(Miree)Hi Laura,Thanks for your email and nice to hear from you!I have 2 suggestions for you.(1) Send your details and your interest in doing an internship(preferably in marketing) to all the business chambers. These chambersnormally send out regular newsletters to their members - which coversmost of the multi-national companies in Jakarta. You can obtain thedetails of these chambers at under "Clubs &Associations".
(2) There is also a company in Indonesia that specifically findsinternships for young expats, mostly from the Netherlands - suggest youcontact Azzan Goeting at Junior Expat - I hope this helps you!