Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Where to find Costume Made?

(Lily Van Helden) I need to have some star fish costumes made for my 3.5 years old daughter's & her class mate's year end graduation. Do you know which tailor I can go to & where? Not too expensive please....Thanking you so much in advance

(Miree) Try Wardi at Eka Busana, Jl.Pejaten Barat 11 No. 8c. Rt.004/08, Pasar Minggu. I have used him myself on several occasions for costumes for themed events I have attended. His pricing is low and has always done a very good job in the past, but you need to have a picture or pattern of what you want, give him plenty of time to make the garments and keep following up during the process as can be a bit slow.