Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Blogsites for other places in Asia?

(Angela - 10 April 2007) Although I know your specialty is in Jakarta, I was wondering if you know of any helpful blogs similar to your kind of set-up in that onecan ask questions about anything and everything, except that itspecializes in the areas of Singapore or Hong Kong or even SouthKorea?I am looking to move to one of the above places and could not find anyguidance. I am looking more on the side of apartments (on a budget)as it will be my first time moving out to Asia.Well, I appreciate your time.

(Miree) Actually the website www.asiaxpat.com has some good blog question sites for most countries in Asia, not Indonesia though :-), and is a good place to post questions that you have for the countries you mentioned. Hope this site can help you.