Monday, September 24, 2007

Things to do in and around Jakarta on Idul Fitri Weekend

(Steve) Hi Miree, I have only been in Jakarta a couple of months so I am still getting thefeel for the place. My parents are coming to visit for 3 day from the14th till the 16th of October and I would like to show them around. Ihave been told that that is a very bad time to visit Jakarta becauseeverything is closed but unfortunately they were fixed with their dates.What will Jakarta be like over the Idul Fitri weekend? Can you recommendany attractions around Jakarta that I show my parents. I have heard you can do a day trip to Krakatau, take a boat out to theisland, climb the volcano, do some snorkeling etc. Do you know if thiswould be possible to do on either the 14th or 15th October and if so howcould I organise it? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

(Miree) Hi Steve,Thanks for your email. Yes, Jakarta all but shuts down over Idul Fitri, which this year is falling 12-16 October. It is the best time to actually get behind the wheel and drive around Jakarta - however many expats choose to take the opportunity to escape somewhere and do some travelling (also existance here without a maid or driver also forces many people to escape!). Anyway here are some options for you -

Anyer - Pelabuhan Ratu : Easy to get to (though leave early - or very late - if you can to escape traffic). Getting a tour to Krakatau should not be a problem either - I can suggest you have a look in this blog

Bali is alway a good option but be warned during this peak holiday period, flights and hotel room prices escalate dramatically!

Hope this helps and I hope you parents enjoy their Indonesian experiance here!