Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jakarta costume stores

(Jason Moran) Hi! Having a hard time finding costume stores in Jakarta (for Halloween). I hear there are rental locations? And how about actually costume sales? geez, if there are only a few stores, i assume its the same costumes being worn every year!?!!
BTW, i saw your recent post on your blog. my wife currently supports ICAC as a US-certified marriage and family therapist. she is the only native indonesian therapist there, and speaks fluent bahasa and english, so she is the go-to therapist for mixed couples.

(Miree) Hi Jason, Kemchicks in Kemang Raya still have a few costumes & accessories for sale, was in there yesterday. Also you can find in Kemang Utara B30 "The Custome Closet" They pretty reasonable price. Thank you for the information regarding your wife, really appreciate it and good information for our readers. Good luck in finding non re-cycled Halloween Costumes and have a good Hallows Eve!
Costume rent :

"The Custome Closet"
Kemang Utara B30

From contributor;
1. SAMAR Costume: Jl. Cikatomas II NO. 9 (nr Senopati Blok S), KebayoranBaru, 725 1361
2. RIZAL Costume: Jl. Haji Pentul II no.22, Radio Dalam, ph.722 2865
3. Flex Points: Jl Fatmawati No.15 (nr Blok A, next to Pertamina), 72796425.