Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jakarta or Surabaya?

(Arnold) I am a 43 yr old active South African moving to Indonesia from China. I have a choice to live in Jakarta or Surabaya. I am in sales, so I do not go to an office.
My fiancé will be joining me at the end of the year.
I have spent a fews days in Kemang but find the constant traffic terrible. The fumes are bad.
I know it is an unfair question, but could you recommend other areas in Jakarta that would be more suitable for a bule or is Surbaya a better bet. I like city “action” but also sport, outdoors etc

(Miree) I assume from your email that you do not need to go to an office and can work at home?

Most expats in Jakarta choose to live either downtown (Menteng, Kuningan etc.) so as to be close to their offices. Others, usually families, choose locations further south (i.e. Kemang, Pondok Indah) which are closer to the international schools, a is easier to find large houses with back yards. However in these locations traffic and pollution are unavoidable. Others who choose to escape the city-area choose outside area's like Sentul or Karawaci or even Puncak. The air is not as polluted and traffic is better - it is just not that conveniant if you need to go to downtown Jakarta.
Surabaya is considered a nice city to live in, though the expat community is quite small and it is a little quiet.

Have you considered Bali as a potential location to live? Most of us would choose Bali if our career's allowed us to.

I hope this helps - however I am more than happy to help you further if need be. Don't hesitate to contact me again.

PS - And dont forget to ask Santa Fe to help you move from China!