Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Looking for Companion for my Dog

(John) Hi Miree, I am looking for a companion for my dog who spends all day alone. I am loathe to go out and buy a new dog because I am sure that there are many expats who are leaving the country and cant face putting their pet through a long and elaborate quarantine process to their next destination. Do you know how I can best go about finding a nice family pet who has to stay on in Indonesia and would make a great companion for my 2 year old Beagle. Many thanks

(Miree) Hi John, try this website - http://jakartaanimalaid.com/blog/about-jaan/ , as they have a lot of dogs given to them by expats who can’t or don’t want to take their dogs with them when they leave Indonesia. The woman’s associations also post notices for members, but unless you are a member you won’t get the info. If I hear of anyone that has a four legged family member they want placed will let you know. Good luck in finding a friend for Dougal, Cheers, Miree.