Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Need Details Info of Tango Festival 2009

(Brian) Dear Miree, I have heard that this Tango Festival is to be held this weekend in Jakarta. Do you know where and at what time? I have tried to contact Maria Lukita who is the Chairperson for Latin American Dancing and Tango Indonesia, but have recieved no reply.
If you can't find anything on this, do you know where I can go for refresher Tango dancing lessons. Thanks in advance for your kind assistance, Cheers

(Miree) Dear Brian, Please find the detail event as per follow and attach the flier:

Present: A blazing trail of passion and seduction

Welcome Milonga
28th May 09 at 8pm
Venue : Grand Canyon Cafe
Casual Elegant welcome drink

Show & Milonga
29th May 09 at 7pm
Venue : Club only one
Elegant buffet dinner

Farewell Milonga
31th May 09 at 8pm
Venue : Nine muses club
casual elegant buffet dinner

For inquiries call 08123839423

You can also find more tango events in http://www.tangojakarta.com/ or in www.whatsnewjakarta.com Art & musics page.

Happy Tango!