Wednesday, January 20, 2010

School / English speaking art teacher

Dear Miree, I have just arrived in Jakarta and am already a fan of your blog. For the last month or so, I have been searching for a school/English-speaking art teacher who specialists in abstract art painting but to no avail. I have been painting for several years as a hobby but have recently developed a passion for abstract art. Can you ppl recommend 2-3 places which you think might meet my needs? I am staying at the Sudirman area but am prepared to travel a bit for the lessons over the weekend. Many thanks and happy hols!

Dear budding artist, have you approached the Madeleine Eve Colorful Art Studio? Check out her website – .Madeleine takes classes in watercolor, acrylic & oils twice a week at her home in Jl Ampera 1 no.7A, Pasar Minggu-Ragunan, Ph: +628121135008 & +62217811067, e-mail: Happy painting, Miree.