Wednesday, January 20, 2010


(Jonathan) Dear Miree, I am writing in desparation in the hope you can guide me to a store which actually sells quality electric kettles or a kettle with a strong base which can sit on a stove. I have been residing in Jogjakarta & it impossible to purchase such items. Can you please point me in the right direction. All I have found so far are stove kettles made out of inferior unhealthy materials. The sort of materials you avoid if you don't want health problems further down the brain damage.

( Miree) Hi Jonathan, we can’t have you stressing out over a kettle. Not sure where you can find a really good electric one in Jogya. In Jakarta you can find them in Electronic City in Sudirman, Ace Hardware stores in Buncit Raya, & Pasaraya Grande. There are also some good imported ones currently being stocked in the main Grand Lucky super store which is situated in Kawasan Niaga Terpadu Sudirman. Regards, Miree.