Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Special treatment on arrival at airport

(Gary) Hi Ms. Miree, Perhaps you can tell me what the side channel line is for at the Arrivals Immigration station at the International Airport? The sign reads "Diplomats and Airline Crew"....but it seems as though anyone with a quid can get a specially homogenized immigration treatment. What does special treatment cost and how does it work?

(Miree) Hi Gary, Happy New Year. What you are referring to is Airport Assistance, which you can use the diplomatic queue if you hold an APEC card or you can hire for departures & arrivals. This service can consist of any thing from assistance with check-in at airline counter, Fiscal counter assistance for exemption/payments, assistance through immigration, assistance with Visa on Arrivals, assistance with collection of luggage, assistance through customs & delivery to waiting driver/hotel driver or getting a taxi. Basic cost of this service is Rp175,000 plus additional for early flight departures & arrivals, porter fees & a Visa on Arrival. Contact person and number to book this service is Pan Suratijo, 08151854254. Regards, Miree.