Monday, February 1, 2010

Shopping tour by Indonesian lady & Batik

(Patricia) Dear Miree, Could you please assist me with these two questions:

a) Is it possible to arrange for a local lady, who speaks really good English, to accompany me on a shopping trip to Blok M for a day? If so would you be able to recommend someone and what would be the approximate cost? (I am located near the SCBD).

b) I am looking for a reasonably priced decent quality batik picture. Could you recommend any locations around Jakarta where I might find such a thing?

I'd be grateful for your help, Regards

(Miree) Dear Patricia, So sorry for the late reply - I just found out that your email in my spam box - I guess my new virus system is too good ;)

Anyway to answer your questions;

a) There is a very nice Indonesian lady married to expat and she been taking a lot expat womens to do shopping tours. You can contact Adhe at 0811909086. She charges a pretty reasonable price - I think around Rp 500,000 per trip (3 / 4 ladies) but you can discuss with her and see what she offers to you.

b) You can try to go Pasaraya mall or again feel free call Adhe for shopping advice.