Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving and Veterinary Clinic

( Sonia ) Hi Miree, My husband and I, with our young dog, relocated to Jakarta in early October. We have been living between Jakarta and Puncak for 1 month, we spend most time in Puncak due to the climate. I would like to have someone cater our Thanksgiving Dinner to our home in Jakarta. Back in the States, I always cook the complete meal myself. Here, I don't have the kitchen nor the equipment to do that. I came across a contact from your 2008 blog about Thanksgiving Dinner....
Mary Ann Wiley
The Upper Crust
Sekolah Duta I, No. 15-A Pondok Indah Jakarta
765-4476 , 0818-168-710
Is this contact still good?
Also will you please tell me more places to do American grocery besides Kem Chicks, Ranch Market and Carrefour. I am an avid cook and baker so would like to know more places that sell ingredients for cooking and baking. Also do you know of a good veterinary Clinic in Jakarta?
Thank you beforehand and I have added your blog in to my favorite.

( Miree ) Dear Sonia,

You can check Thanksgiving listing in WhatsNewJakarta.com - http://www.whatsnewjakarta.com/web3/event/EventList.php?cboGroup=65 or contact Mary Ann Wiley.

You can contact http://www.groovy.co.id about veterinary clinics.

Unfortunately, I couldn't suggest more about the supermarket but will keep you update!

Happy Thanksgiving!