Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Moving to Jakarta

(David) Hi Miree, My name is David, I currently live in New Zealand, and I am looking at
relocating to Jakarta in the near future. I am currently working as a
Premium Service Japanese Interpreter flight attendant. I also hold a
Diploma in Hotel/Motel Management, with prior experience in
Sales/Marketing. Do you have any advice on what sort of job I can
expect. Also how I would go about applying for a job. I am heading to
Jakarta for ten days on the 9th of September. Do you know any
recruitment contacts I would be able to contact?
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Thanks, and regards,

(Miree) Hi David, it's not often I get to assist a fellow country man. This
might sound obvious, but many agencies do a little bit of everything,
and you really need to find a recruitment firm that's an expert in your
field/s as in your case. I have listed three recommended recruitment
companies below for you to contact.
Jakarta Consulting Group - Tel. (+6221) 572-7515
www.jakartaconsulting.com /
Monroe Consulting Group -Tel: (+62-21) 719 0770
www.monroeconsulting.com &
Verity HR - Tel. (+62-21) 719-9210 www.recruitment-indonesia.com
Good luck with the search. Regards, Miree.