Monday, August 30, 2010

Appropriate gifts for Idul Fitri

(Sally) Hi Miree, This is our first Idul Fitri in Jakarta and I am wondering what would be an appropriate gift to give to our staff - We have an older housemaid, a young nanny and our driver has young children to whom I would also like to give a gift. Regards, Sally.

Hi Sally, for every year your staff work for you, under Manpower regulations you are required to give them an extra months salary and any additional like a food parcel, clothing or train tickets etc... is entirely up to the individual employer. If they have worked for you for less than a year you can choose to do it on a pro rata basis. For example if they have worked for you for one or two months, you may choose to give them each a five kg bag of rice or a parcel made up of oil, noodles, sugar, tea, Kapal Api (local coffee) etc.. or Rp100,000. One thing you do need to remember is that anything additional to money you give will be expected each year for Idul Fitri. If you decide to go down the food parcel route Lotte Mart (ex MAKRO) or Carrefour have very reasonably priced ready made food parcels available and also clothing and toys. All the best, Miree.