Monday, April 12, 2010

Department stores/info general in Surabaya

(George) Hi Miree, I would like to know what are some department websites for clothing fashion and jewelery stores in surabaya indonesia. Also if possible their phone numbers and addresses aswell.I would like to know where to go shopping when i get there. Oh.. Also how much on the average does a vehicle cost there from small 4 door to minivan front wheel drive...whats the price range...even for pickup truck and cars in general.

(Miree) Hi George, the information I cover on ‘Ask Miree’ is Jakarta based, but I do have a soft copy guide on Surabaya that should be able to assist you with most of your questions below. Once again because of the amount of information you are wanting, I will send it direct to your e-mail address. Regards, Miree.