Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hiking Gear in Jakarta

( Simone) Hi Miree, I have a question for you.
Would you know where to buy hiking gear in Jakarta, I'm mainly looking for hiking boots? Thanks

(Miree) Dear Simone, I didn't know exactly where to get the hiking gears in Jakarta but I guess you could contact these Hiking clubs:
Source: www.WhatsNewJakarta.com

Java Lava
Membership Membership is open to men and women of all nationalities. Current number of members : 200+. There is no cost for membership fees. Most activities are held in English. Activities Climbing and camping on Indonesian volcanos. Usually we hold one trip a month in the dry season from February through November.
E-mail: jenny_d2001@yahoo.com

Self-guided treks in the Puncak foothills
Location: Puncak Bogor
Puncak Trek. For a low-cost, easy-going weekend getaway, try self-guided treks in the Puncak foothills. Now is the best time to start walking in the foothills. The rainy season is over, lots of greenery, and not much dust yet on the trails! Trek at your own pace. Enjoy your time in nature while sharpening navigational skills. There are 16 circle routes, 4 on each map, in the series of 4 Puncak Trek maps and guidebooks. Info about the maps and guides is found at www.puncaktrek.com. The website tells where to buy the maps and also contains updates on the circle routes, guide service, and links to other sites with info on the circle routes. See also a blog, puncaktrek.blogspot.com, about recent treks in the foothills. There is an open invitation for others to participate in the process of updating the trail info.
Website: www.puncaktrek.com
E-mail: alexkorns@yahoo.com
I hope this help. Cheers, Miree